Sunday, February 22, 2015

Under the Sea

Once I started feeling a bit better, Lila and I started venturing out more.
It felt SO good to be upright and off of the couch!
We were nearing colder weather so we took advantage of the mountains a few times!
One night, we met up with our good friends Linds and Dave and their son for dinner and dessert around the fire.

Nothing better than sitting around the campfire with my 2 girls!

 One of my all time favorite pictures of Russ and Lila.

We went to lunch with my friend Angi and her son Tyce and daughter Jada. I think Tyce and Lila were flirting :)

Nothing says flirting like a little belly roll hanging over your pants.

We also spent a day with a few of my friends (Im so sad I didn't get a picture of everyone!) and our kids. We ran into a guy we went to high school with and he had his son that was Lilas age that was terminally ill with Cancer. They were taking him out and letting him enjoy as much of life as he could before he passed. It made me super emotional, and so sad that kids, let alone babies have to go through that. I thought they were excellent parents for taking him out to see as much of the world as possible. He passed away about a month later.
 As we were admiring this big guy he got super aggressive and started hitting the glass and running away. It kind of scared me a bit and the lady that worked for the zoo said it was no big deal, he just didn't like being looked at. My heart BROKE! This poor guy's life is being stared at every day through glass and he hated it :(
It kind of changed my mind on the zoo a bit.

I carpooled with Linds. We got back to her house and I had lasted as long as I could before throwing up in her drive way. I decided I should probably tell her I was pregnant- I kept the twins thing a secret still. We still hadn't told people!
We also spent the day a the aquarium with my friend Mel and her daughter that is Lilas same age!

From what I hear this place is usually crowded. We hit it once school had started back and right during the penguin feeding so we had this amazing tunnel all to ourselves!

That night we celebrated Russ getting his braces off! I asked him what he wanted for a brace-free dinner. He said he wanted snickers and a sandwich. I made him snickers salad and we went to one of our favorite local restaurants for his all time favorite Shrip Po Boy :)
He looks SO good!

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