Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Twice the babies, quadrouple the sickness!

Oh Man was I getting sick.
I truly don't think I have ever in my life been that sick.
Turns out, how my body handles morning sickness and twins is not good.
I was throwing up all day everyday. Then suddenly I couldn't even sit up without throwing up. I would lay down and the SECOND I would begin to sit up, I would already been throwing up.
I missed 2 weeks of work, and by the 4 day of not keeping any food or even ice chips down, they forced me to an IV :(
We told my Mother and Father in law a few weeks earlier than we would everyone else only because I was so sick and needed help with Lila!
My mother in law was wonderful and would come read with Lila and keep her entertained while I didn't move a muscle on the couch for weeks!
I would go in every couple of days to the clinic and they would restick my port and I would give myself an IV a couple times a day.
I had an IV pole at home, but my cute Dad rigged this up for me while I was at their house :)

Not only was I that sick, I got one of the worst head colds Ive ever had in my life at the same time.
Not exaggerating, I thought I was going to die. From not eating for weeks, laying down for 2 weeks straight and a head cold that made my head feel like it was going to explode I was spent.
I remember trying to walk up the stairs with Russ one night and thinking I literally couldn't do it. I didn't have the energy!
I was so dehydrated still, that they couldn't get my IVs back in when I would go to the clinic. I remember just crying in the clinic (Totally not like me) and just asking if there was anything else they could do as they tried to stick me for the 4th time. My arms were bruised on both sides all the way up and down, but they kept me alive!

I couldn't have done it without a supportive husband that took over in the evenings, a wonderful Mom who left work immediately one day when one of my ports blocked and blood was coming out (I couldn't drive), my Dad who took me multiple times during the day and would wait on me hand and foot and make me different concoctions of smoothies until I could keep it down,  and my sweet Mother in law for taking such good care of Lila those few weeks.
My amazing sister Kaysie would also drive a couple times at night to come get Lila and have her sleepover and take care of her the whole next day!
Thank goodness it only last 10 weeks instead of my whole pregnancy!


  1. Good h--- that sounds awful! I don't know how you survived. I'm so glad you are feeling better now!

  2. I can't believe you were SO sick!! That sounds like a nightmare. I'm glad it didn't last your whole pregnancy!!!