Saturday, November 29, 2014


I love Lagoon as much today as I did as a kid.
I love the rides, I love the people watching, and now its fun to have a baby to show the ropes to.
Our work had their company party there this summer and it was a great time.
We got there at lunch time and had lunch with all the employees.
Lila was doing her pre-ride stretching.
My company gave each of the kids their own pair of sunglasses for the day.
Shes looking pretty smooth if I do say so myself.

My Mom also works with us, so its always fun to have her at the lunch table and my Dad at all the events.
I stepped away for a  minute and came back and my Dad asked if it was ok if she had a cookie.
" mean the one you already fed her that's all over her face?" haha

We took Lila and my niece for a ride on the Merry Go Round.
She loved it!

Amusement parks, carnie food, and heat can wear a girl out.

Super fun time. Thanks Spillman!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bear Lake/ Fathers Day

For Fathers Day/ My Dads birthday my family all met up in Bear Lake for a weekend!
It was so much fun. I love spending time with them in one of my favorite places.
Russ and I had to work the day everyone was leaving so my parents and sister took Lila up so we could just head out as soon as our day was over.
My parents sent me these pictures of her road trip :)
Being a good girl at the restaurant.

Quick little diaper change and stretching with Grandpa. This girl LOVES her grandpa.

Once we got up there Russ and Lila enjoyed the nice weather and all the room in the world to play on.

The next day we spent the day at the beach! Luckily, this girl loves the beach as much as we do :)

Eating sand.

Perfect weather for flying a kite!

The kids challenged Russ to a friendly game of Hands up Stands Up.

After a fun day a the beach, Lila snugged with Auntie and we gave my Dad his gifts.

Elton John tickets! He loves Elton John, so my mom threw in this nice little number to go with the tickets.

 Morning walk on Dads shoulders.
You cant have this much room and not have a friendly game of soccer.

A day at the pool.

She loved "swimming"!

Super grateful for my siblings. My fondest memories of our childhood were spent at this exact spot.

The next day we had a nice breakfast as a family and headed home.

I am so extremely lucky to have such an amazing Dad in my life. As a child he pushed me to be a good student and to work hard on the soccer field. He came to all of our sporting events and paced up and down the field with us. He helped with all of my homework and made sure I had good grades.
Now that I have a baby, I feel we have grown even closer. Lila and my Dad have a very special bond and it melts my heart every single time I see them together. When my Dad is in a room, no one else exists in her eyes.
Im grateful for all he did for us kids growing up and for all the sacrifices he made so we could go to soccer camps, and travel the world, and go to nursing school and on a mission. He did a lot for us and is still constantly on our side.
I am also grateful for an incredible Dad for my baby.
They have such a great bond and he is so sweet  and patient with her.
We are very lucky ladies to be surrounded with his positive attitude and love for life.
Love you Russ!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Idaho Sod Party

Soooo far behind.
I just looked back and I haven't blogged things Ive wanted to blog since pictures taken in May.
My brother and his family live in the greatest little piece of heaven in Idaho. We had the opportunity to load up our little family and spend the weekend with them laying their sod.

My brother had been working so hard on their yard and it was looking great.
He also came down and helped with all of our sprinklers and planning out our yard so we definitely owed him!
Ecko Dog even got to come along for the ride :)
She loves Idaho. Especially their place, lots of places to roam and play.

How would you like this for your backyard view?! Love it.
Boys being boys.

Their beautiful home they built and now their beautiful yard!
I love nothing more than escaping to their house and sitting on their front porch.

My Mom was nice enough to watch all the kids while we laid the sod.

Little Dax and Lila are going to be good buds. They are only a little over a month apart.

Russ always teases we need to send Lila up to Idaho for the summer so she can work on the farm and learn how to play like we did growing up!

Running through the sprinklers at their place is a little better than we have here in the city.

After a long day of work and play, these kids and adults were dirty!

Thanks for having us Kempers. Your place looks great!