Saturday, November 29, 2014


I love Lagoon as much today as I did as a kid.
I love the rides, I love the people watching, and now its fun to have a baby to show the ropes to.
Our work had their company party there this summer and it was a great time.
We got there at lunch time and had lunch with all the employees.
Lila was doing her pre-ride stretching.
My company gave each of the kids their own pair of sunglasses for the day.
Shes looking pretty smooth if I do say so myself.

My Mom also works with us, so its always fun to have her at the lunch table and my Dad at all the events.
I stepped away for a  minute and came back and my Dad asked if it was ok if she had a cookie.
" mean the one you already fed her that's all over her face?" haha

We took Lila and my niece for a ride on the Merry Go Round.
She loved it!

Amusement parks, carnie food, and heat can wear a girl out.

Super fun time. Thanks Spillman!

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