Sunday, December 1, 2013

Birthday Wish

Welp, I have one more year in my 20's. So weird!!
I cant wait for my 30th birthday though, if all goes as plan, I will be screaming my head off at the Price is Right!

This year, I had a nice chat with Lila about her hand, and how my old birthday wish was for her to use her hand.
I am more than thrilled to say my birthday wish came true!!!!!!!!

I have never in my life been so sad as seeing my perfect little baby not be able to use her hand.
Lots and lots and LOTS of tears were shed.
Then one day, Russ said "See!! Did you see it?!" and we both just put our faces right near her hand. Supposedly her pointer finger moved, but I didn't see it. I didn't know if I believed it, until a couple days later I saw it!
Her tiny little pointer finger moved just a bit! Each week her pointer finger was moving better, then her middle finger, then her ring finger! A tiny bit of movement in her thumb and I just couldn't believe it.
We took her in for her 3 month check up at Primary Children's.
The night before I was talking to her on the couch and prepping her for what we were going to do tomorrow. I just couldn't stopping laughing and smiling at her. She was too cute.
Our prep talk picture..

I got her all dressed up for the occasion. I was SO excited for the Dr to see her improvements.
We had to be up at Primary's at 8:00..Thats early, and also so far away from our new house but we made it!
Lila still as happy as can be even though we had to wake her up at 6!

We got called back into the room and an explosion happened. It was 8:00 am and she has already completely blown out of her cute outfit. I didn't have any warm back up clothes in the diaper bag, so she met with the Dr naked, and then back in her Pjs- just as it should be for a baby!
Waiting for the Dr To come in...

We were both very impressed with this Dr the first time. He was the only one that gave us answers. I was even more impressed with him when he walked in.
One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when you've seen a Dr for 10 years and they walk in like they have no clue who you are or what your story is. I know there is no way for a Dr to remember each of his patients and their stories, but I know for a fact my chart with all my info is hanging outside the door. Take 2 seconds to look it over and familiarize yourself before coming in.
When he came in, I don't know if he remembered her or looked at her chart- either way it meant a lot to me that her went straight to her right hand.
He was happy with her improvement and told us to give it another 3 months. She still isn't moving her wrist much, but most of her fingers and completely functioning and moving and grabbing toys :)
Her right hang and wrist is quite a bit smaller than her left, and they don't know if it will ever be the same size, but we are still so thrilled she is moving it!
One happy Momma.
We truly are so thankful for all our friends and family that kept Lila in their prayers and for all your kind emails, texts, calls..checking in on her.
They meant so much to us, and I know all those prayers worked!!
After her photo shoot, we went down to Thanksgiving point to get Lilas pictures with Santa AKA Russ.
They had this cute little backdrop and a chance for you to dress up like Santa!
He is such a good sport and wonderful man to his girls.
I know he was missing so much work with all our yard stuff and Lilas Dr appointment and he still took the time to dress up like Ol St Nick.
I snapped a few pictures with my phone as they were going.
This picture..
Turned into this.

This one..
(can you see her fingers moving!! Woohoo!)
Turned into this!

And my favorite..
Turned into..

She about had it at this point. Modeling just isn't her thing.
But I did have to get a quick one of the two and the real Santa that was there :)

I kind of pictured our first Christmas card being a family picture.
But after seeing Lila reach for Santa with her right hand after not moving it for half of her life, how could you not use this picture?!
It means so much to me and I am thrilled with how it turned out.
(except that this picture is one I took of the card with my phone so its blurry).

Sunday, November 24, 2013

2 YR Anniversary!

Russ and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary!
We had so much going on with trying to wrap up our yard before the snow started coming.
Russ has been working his little toosh off in our yard! He put in sprinklers, installed a fence, and just recently laid sod. Ive been really proud of him and all his hard work.
Our anniversary actually fell on a Sunday, so we went out to dinner the Saturday  before.
Russ took me to my very favorite restaurant in SLC- The Melting Pot.
We dropped little stuff off at my parents house so we could enjoy a dinner to ourselves.
If had a pocket full of money, I would more than likely eat at the Melting Pot weekly.
I LOVE it.
They had a nice Happy Anniversary card waiting on our table when we got there, and our waitress wished us a happy anniversary as soon as she greeted us. I love good customer service.
We had the 4 course meal so its safe to say we were stuffed. Russ even said he was "physically hurting". Worth it.
The Bananas Foster fondue is maybe my favorite thing in the world to eat.
Its so fun to think back on our special day.
I wouldn't have changed a thing about it.
I still just remember arriving at the temple and walking in to see a nervous little Russ.
And then driving over to our luncheon all excited that we were officially hubby and wife.
And leaving our reception saying how we easily just had the time of our lives.
I know it doesn't look like it was a cold November day, but it WAS.

Since we love to travel we went all out for our one year anniversary!
We spent a week in the Dominican Republic..

Where I fell even more in love with him as I was napping on a towel on the beach and he said, "Chels? Do I have anything in my teeth?"
Who else would find sea shells on the beach and think of something so funny?
I love him, and I love that he still to this day makes me laugh all.the.time!
Then we hopped over to the Bahamas for another week!

(side note- I was pregnant here and didn't even know it!)
So funny how different one year can make.
This year on our anniversary Russ asked me what I wanted to do. I told him I wanted to stay in my pjs all day and cuddle with my family.
And that's exactly what we did.
And the most amazing part, I was way more satisfied sitting on a couch with my loves than out on a beautiful beach soaking up the sun.
I am a truly lucky gal.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Back to work I go..

Quite possibly one of the hardest things Ive ever done.
I LOVED my time with her and am sad to have to go back.
Im also super grateful for a wonderful job that's allowed me to do what I love doing (event planning) and seeing the country. Ive loved that I have been able to have Russ join me on a few of my ventures and I love the perk of traveling so much- upgrades to first class, and I don't think we have had to buy a plane ticket for either of us in years with all the skymiles I accrue.
But as much as I LOVE to travel, I would much rather stay home with my babe.
We had a lovely time home together though! We visited lots of family, watched WAY too much TV, took walks and had lots of lunch dates.
My cousin Ash came into town from Bear Lake and we had lunch!

This is Russ's sister Sarah and her daughter Bridgette. We had lunch with them a couple times!
I am not good at, nor do I feel comfortable with nursing in public. Even with a cover on, I just cant do it. I applaud those of you who can, but its just not me.
So we spent many of hours on the road in the back of my car feeding!

But I did get good at changing diapers on my lap.
See, even with a smile on her face!
On my last week before going back to work I went to lunch with my BFF Annie.
haha I love this.

When I got home from lunch with Annie, I fed her, and just sat there and stared at her.
What a little miracle and an ADORABLE one at that if I do say so.

Just look at that fro and those eyes.
And just like that, she had a blow out all the way up to the back of her neck. How in the world does that even happen?!
So then I marveled at her little nakey bow-free self.

Russ would come home from work and almost immediately throw her on her stomach for tummy time. He was a real stickler about that.
It was so cute to hear him goo goo at her and she was practicing her mad neck strength.

The first week back to work my boss was wonderful to work with. She too is a working mom, and its just as easy to plan an event at home as it is in the office! So she let me work from home most of the week to ease my way back.
Cutest co worker Ive ever seen.
She just hung out with me as I worked away on my laptop.
I started putting Lila in her crib while I was getting her bath water ready.
I could hear her just talking away to herself and looking up at her mobile. Its amazing to me how fast they change.I loved seeing her kick her little fit against the side.
And with that, I thought it might be a good time to move her over to her own crib.
SO SCARY, but we did it. We of course checked on her every hour on the hour but she did great.
She is such an amazing sleeper and I really do see it as a blessing- we really love our sleep in our house.
She is sleeping about 11 hours at the age of 3 months!

I could NOT go back to work if I didn't have amazing help with my babe.
Jadie, Lilas nanny has been an absolute Angel! We are so lucky to have her and I feel so grateful to have someone who loves her as much as she does. She takes such great care of her, does crafts with her, snuggles with her, SPOILS her and humors her annoying mother when I text her a thousand times a day asking for pictures.
Thank you Jadie for all that you do for Lila.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Fall is such an awesome time of year. I love the change in weather, sweater and boot season, wassail, and all the changing leaves!
I don't like that my husband disappears into the mountains for most of it, and all that cold white stuff that fall right after.
This year I didn't do nearly the things I wanted to- Carve pumpkins, have family pictures taken with the leaves, but we still did a few fun things!
While Russ was gone hunting, I went and stayed at my parents. What I didn't know, was my parents was going up to Idaho to visit my brother. So I held down the fort at the ol' Kemp residence.
I love it though, my parents house is surrounded by big mature trees.
I wish this picture did this tree justice.

It was such a beautiful day I decided to take my 2 babies for a walk. The weather was perfect.
I did Amazon Prime free trial for a month and was totally sold! Holy cow I love free 2 day shipping. I couldn't get an answer out of Russ of what he wanted to be for Halloween. He wasn't sold on our Simpsons costume a couple years ago and they were a total hit so I decided to go ahead and take charge of this years as well.
When that awesome Amazon package came in the mail I was so excited to show him what we were going to be this year!
He was so mad at me. At this point he would NOT put on the pink bow tie.
If you don't tell me what you want to be, you WILL dress like a cute little mouse :)

Lilas AMAZING Nanny dressed her up in this cute pumpkin shirt you cant see and took her to the pumpkin patch for her first time!
Then came Halloween.
What do you dress a 3 month old with lots and lots of hair as?
Richard Simmons of course!
And she rocked it.
My wonderful friends Lindsey stopped and picked Lila up from her nannys and brought her into my work. Russ also met us there for the trick or treating!
For work, we were 80s work out peeps to go along with Richard.

Love this chubby itty bitty legs and tennis shoes! I had sharpied her sock lines :)

I imagine when she looks back at these she will wonder what the heck her parents were thinking.
My work has a wonderful "Womens Lounge" for working mothers. Basically, its a private room with a couch and 2 love seats where you can pump and feed etc. I took Lila to feed and get out of her costume and I think she about had it with being Richard.


That night we went to my parents house and had soup, and trick or treated around her neighbor as..
Doesn't it look like Lila is like, "Whats up my hommies?!"

If you pushed our noses, it made squeaky mouse sounds :)

And THIS, is what I call a good sport. And I bet you $$ He will put more effort into helping me chose a costume next year.
My best costume award has to go to Honey Boos the Kardashians.
I am blessed with amazing friends! I love them all! We all got together for Novemeber birthdays. It was a blast as always.

I cant believe its Thanksgiving next week!