Thursday, November 21, 2013

Back to work I go..

Quite possibly one of the hardest things Ive ever done.
I LOVED my time with her and am sad to have to go back.
Im also super grateful for a wonderful job that's allowed me to do what I love doing (event planning) and seeing the country. Ive loved that I have been able to have Russ join me on a few of my ventures and I love the perk of traveling so much- upgrades to first class, and I don't think we have had to buy a plane ticket for either of us in years with all the skymiles I accrue.
But as much as I LOVE to travel, I would much rather stay home with my babe.
We had a lovely time home together though! We visited lots of family, watched WAY too much TV, took walks and had lots of lunch dates.
My cousin Ash came into town from Bear Lake and we had lunch!

This is Russ's sister Sarah and her daughter Bridgette. We had lunch with them a couple times!
I am not good at, nor do I feel comfortable with nursing in public. Even with a cover on, I just cant do it. I applaud those of you who can, but its just not me.
So we spent many of hours on the road in the back of my car feeding!

But I did get good at changing diapers on my lap.
See, even with a smile on her face!
On my last week before going back to work I went to lunch with my BFF Annie.
haha I love this.

When I got home from lunch with Annie, I fed her, and just sat there and stared at her.
What a little miracle and an ADORABLE one at that if I do say so.

Just look at that fro and those eyes.
And just like that, she had a blow out all the way up to the back of her neck. How in the world does that even happen?!
So then I marveled at her little nakey bow-free self.

Russ would come home from work and almost immediately throw her on her stomach for tummy time. He was a real stickler about that.
It was so cute to hear him goo goo at her and she was practicing her mad neck strength.

The first week back to work my boss was wonderful to work with. She too is a working mom, and its just as easy to plan an event at home as it is in the office! So she let me work from home most of the week to ease my way back.
Cutest co worker Ive ever seen.
She just hung out with me as I worked away on my laptop.
I started putting Lila in her crib while I was getting her bath water ready.
I could hear her just talking away to herself and looking up at her mobile. Its amazing to me how fast they change.I loved seeing her kick her little fit against the side.
And with that, I thought it might be a good time to move her over to her own crib.
SO SCARY, but we did it. We of course checked on her every hour on the hour but she did great.
She is such an amazing sleeper and I really do see it as a blessing- we really love our sleep in our house.
She is sleeping about 11 hours at the age of 3 months!

I could NOT go back to work if I didn't have amazing help with my babe.
Jadie, Lilas nanny has been an absolute Angel! We are so lucky to have her and I feel so grateful to have someone who loves her as much as she does. She takes such great care of her, does crafts with her, snuggles with her, SPOILS her and humors her annoying mother when I text her a thousand times a day asking for pictures.
Thank you Jadie for all that you do for Lila.

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  1. I love that babe so much and so does Ben!!