Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Fall is such an awesome time of year. I love the change in weather, sweater and boot season, wassail, and all the changing leaves!
I don't like that my husband disappears into the mountains for most of it, and all that cold white stuff that fall right after.
This year I didn't do nearly the things I wanted to- Carve pumpkins, have family pictures taken with the leaves, but we still did a few fun things!
While Russ was gone hunting, I went and stayed at my parents. What I didn't know, was my parents was going up to Idaho to visit my brother. So I held down the fort at the ol' Kemp residence.
I love it though, my parents house is surrounded by big mature trees.
I wish this picture did this tree justice.

It was such a beautiful day I decided to take my 2 babies for a walk. The weather was perfect.
I did Amazon Prime free trial for a month and was totally sold! Holy cow I love free 2 day shipping. I couldn't get an answer out of Russ of what he wanted to be for Halloween. He wasn't sold on our Simpsons costume a couple years ago and they were a total hit so I decided to go ahead and take charge of this years as well.
When that awesome Amazon package came in the mail I was so excited to show him what we were going to be this year!
He was so mad at me. At this point he would NOT put on the pink bow tie.
If you don't tell me what you want to be, you WILL dress like a cute little mouse :)

Lilas AMAZING Nanny dressed her up in this cute pumpkin shirt you cant see and took her to the pumpkin patch for her first time!
Then came Halloween.
What do you dress a 3 month old with lots and lots of hair as?
Richard Simmons of course!
And she rocked it.
My wonderful friends Lindsey stopped and picked Lila up from her nannys and brought her into my work. Russ also met us there for the trick or treating!
For work, we were 80s work out peeps to go along with Richard.

Love this chubby itty bitty legs and tennis shoes! I had sharpied her sock lines :)

I imagine when she looks back at these she will wonder what the heck her parents were thinking.
My work has a wonderful "Womens Lounge" for working mothers. Basically, its a private room with a couch and 2 love seats where you can pump and feed etc. I took Lila to feed and get out of her costume and I think she about had it with being Richard.


That night we went to my parents house and had soup, and trick or treated around her neighbor as..
Doesn't it look like Lila is like, "Whats up my hommies?!"

If you pushed our noses, it made squeaky mouse sounds :)

And THIS, is what I call a good sport. And I bet you $$ He will put more effort into helping me chose a costume next year.
My best costume award has to go to Honey Boos family..as the Kardashians.
I am blessed with amazing friends! I love them all! We all got together for Novemeber birthdays. It was a blast as always.

I cant believe its Thanksgiving next week!

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