Wednesday, April 25, 2012

San Diego, CA

I had a work trip in San Diego again, this time Russ got to come with! It was so fun to have him there :) What a great way to start out spring! We flew in around early evening and walked around Old Town San Diego. We had fish tacos and sat out on a patio and ate one of my favorite desserts- Creme Brulee. Yum. Russ has a good friend that lives in Northern California and he and his cute wife drove down to hang out with us for the weekend. The next day Russ and his friend woke up early to go surfing. They came back mid morning, we had breakfast and started our day! We went to a dog park (One of my favorite places) and walked around Sea Port Village.
I have a really good gift. I have a gift of going on vacation somewhere warm and having the weather turn to crazy cold in no time. It was in the high 70's-80's and we show up and it goes to 50's-60's. But we made the best of it! We walked around the USS Midway
If you havent been to Sea Port Village, you have to go and see this big statue. Its adorable.
That night we went to dinner at the Burger Lounge. I wish we had one of those in SLC.
Sunset Cliffs to watch the sunset. It was beautiful!
The Cliff's
I wish we lived by an ocean. It makes us pretty happy.
The next day, we took a ferry over to Coronado Island. It is so beautiful over there! I couldnt believe it. We had yummy pizza on the pier with the most delicious garlic knots ever. Why do Carbs have to be so good? I think I could live on bread. and Pizza.
After lunch we rented a tandem bike. Holy smokes that was fun. We rode around the island and to the beach. Look at this cool sand castle.
Riding a tandem bike really is harder than it looks. It is a team activity for sure. There were tons and tons of laughs, but there were tons and tons of "RUSSELL!" He was in the lead taking charge and if you havent been on a tandem bike, if the person in front stops, and the person in back is peddling away, the person in back automatically goes to a screeching halt! I think the pedals slammed into the back of my heels a thousands times. We also hit a wall of rocks that I couldnt see. We rode to a nice little park that had a view of the city :)
I just love the feel of that island. There were people out and about walking their dogs, flying kites, having picnics and a live band in the middle of town. Loved it! We got back to down town San Diego and walked around a bit. I had to work a few hours that night so we were trying to enjoy the sun while we had it!
I went to work for a couple hours and we made it out just in time to drive up to a pretty ledge to watch the sunset.
Russ takes a lot of pictures. By now I was done.
Now that I am looking through all our pictures, they are basically all of the beach. Every picture that I posted look the same. But dont worry, there are a few more. The next day was by far the prettiest and warmest day...of course I was inside working the whole time. But Russ's friends had gone home by then so Russ went surfing alone. He took a break at lunch and came and picked me up for some Mexican food in old Town. He went back surfing, I went back working. Someone has to bring home the bacon!! We had a theme here..and that was 'watch the set'.
That night we went down to the gas lamp district. Thats when the whole "crows feet" story went down. Jerk. And that is our vacation in a very repetitive nutshell. Ill leave you with pictures of a sexy surfer instead of more sunset pictures :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

No longer 21

I just remembered a funny story that happened to me last weekend. Well, funny/sad.
I had to work in San Diego so Russ came along so he could surf while I brought home the bacon.
We were walking around the Gas Lamp district looking for somewhere to eat.
We came across a bar that supposedly had amazing burgers, but mostly they had a lot of TVs and the NCAA championship game was on.
I know purses are fashionable and yaddy yadda, but the truth is, I think its annoying to carry a purse no matter how cute it is.
When I fly, I literally wear a back pack every time so I can shove my purse inside of it (along with candy and People magazine of course).
So of course I dont have my purse, which means I dont have ID.
To get into a bar, you of course need ID.
There was a big guy out front checking peoples ID before they came in.
We walk up and I told him I didnt have an ID, but that we werent going to be drinking, we just wanted to grab a burger and watch the game.
He looked at me like I was an idiot so I felt the need to further explain.
I told him we were going to be drinking water, eating a burger, and I swear I was 27 years old. He asked me what year I graduated high school, what year I was born etc..
After answering all of his questions as quickly as I could to prove myself, he says " Yeah, I knew you werent 21. I could tell by your crows feet".
Oweee, oweeee ouch!
I didnt feel at all bad when Russ made a scene and accidentally spilled his water "on the rocks" all over the floor.