Monday, April 9, 2012

No longer 21

I just remembered a funny story that happened to me last weekend. Well, funny/sad.
I had to work in San Diego so Russ came along so he could surf while I brought home the bacon.
We were walking around the Gas Lamp district looking for somewhere to eat.
We came across a bar that supposedly had amazing burgers, but mostly they had a lot of TVs and the NCAA championship game was on.
I know purses are fashionable and yaddy yadda, but the truth is, I think its annoying to carry a purse no matter how cute it is.
When I fly, I literally wear a back pack every time so I can shove my purse inside of it (along with candy and People magazine of course).
So of course I dont have my purse, which means I dont have ID.
To get into a bar, you of course need ID.
There was a big guy out front checking peoples ID before they came in.
We walk up and I told him I didnt have an ID, but that we werent going to be drinking, we just wanted to grab a burger and watch the game.
He looked at me like I was an idiot so I felt the need to further explain.
I told him we were going to be drinking water, eating a burger, and I swear I was 27 years old. He asked me what year I graduated high school, what year I was born etc..
After answering all of his questions as quickly as I could to prove myself, he says " Yeah, I knew you werent 21. I could tell by your crows feet".
Oweee, oweeee ouch!
I didnt feel at all bad when Russ made a scene and accidentally spilled his water "on the rocks" all over the floor.


  1. Yikes! What a jerk! There's a big difference between crows feet and smile lines! :-)

  2. Oh gosh Chels! That story is hilarious (also sad). Damn those crows feet! Luckily you are still a super hot 27 year old!

  3. Haha!!!!! Honestly, thats awesome. Not awesome that he said you have crows feet, but awesome that he actually said it. No worries though. If you have cross feet, I don't want to know what he'd say about me :)

  4. Well, aren't you like 40 or something?? HAHAHA. Just kidding. If it makes you feel better, someone guessed my age as 35 when I was 25. I nearly died.