Friday, April 26, 2013

Can we say STRESSED?!

Im pretty sure Im the most stressed Ive been maybe ever in my life.
So much has happened in the last couple months!

My mom finished her campaign for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. She did AMAZING! She raised even more money than her original goal and it was such an amazing process seeing how generous everyone was, and seeing a community pull together to raise money together.
I have some pictures from our events and the finale I will post later.

I have been traveling like crazy!
Its been totally fine traveling being pregnant, but wowza do I get swollen after flying across the country.
I already have such a full face, you add pregnancy and pressure from a plane and I am pretty much unrecognizable. I thought I was going to have to have my ring cut off the other day. Ouch.
I only have 2 more trips before I have to stop flying, so end is in sight.

We put our house up for sale. It sold in less than a week- that was kind of surprising.
We haven't even started packing yet and have to be out in a week.
I bought this house 6 years ago, lived in it alone, rented it to my grandma, and spent my first year and a half of marriage in it. Lots of memories.
While living in it, I think of all the things I want out of a house that this house doesn't have, but now that its going to be someone else's Im sad, and will miss the character of this house.
We haven't even started packing which is scary. Oh..and we cant find a new home. Also a stresser.
I LOVE this time of year around this house. This was taken with my phone, but its so beautiful this time of year driving into the neighborhood.
Ill miss these old houses and all the mature trees. When I have Ecko in the car with me, as soon as I drive into our neighborhood she knows and starts howling and getting excited :) Ill miss that too.

We have put 2 offers on homes we really wanted.
We were competing with at least 2 other offers each time and didn't get either of the houses.
Its been stressful thinking we are less than 100 days away from Baby Girl coming and don't have a house. Im glad the market has picked up, but sheesh it makes for home searching stressful!!
Our realtor was going out of town this weekend and our friends invited us to go down to St George for the weekend and we thought it would be good for us since we have been so stressed. I came home last night to throw some laundry in so we could start packing, and I wet spot on our rug in the basement. Then I see a drip, drip, drip look up and our ceiling in sinking in.
So right now as I type, I am listening to the plumbers do their thing.
Luckily, my parents have graciously offered their home to us until we can find another house. I am very much grateful that we have somewhere to go, but my "nesting" period as someone called it, is kicking in full force and I want to prepare for this baby to come. Fingers crossed we can buy a house this next week!
Yesterday on the news we heard that Utah is like the 5th highest state for stress...Russ and I looked at each and laughed- WE BELIEVE IT! We are contributing that statistic.
In other news, Im 27 weeks! This babe is moving like crazy, its fun to actually SEE my belly move.
Its not fun seeing my thighs, arms and cheeks getting fat, but hey, they tell me it will be worth it.
Cant wait to see her! Hopefully we have a home to bring her to after she is born!