Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Birthday Day & Party Prep!

The day after we got home from Lava Hot Springs Lila turned ONE!!!
I couldn't believe how fast a year went!
We had a low key day at home and prepared for a fun party that following weekend!
I was so excited to go in and see her on her big day! She slept in until almost 9 :)

That gave me plenty of time to blow up a crib full of balloons!

I took the day off so we drove into the office to have lunch with Russ!
When Russ got home we had pizza and sang to Lila and gave her a cupcake!

Don't mind the crazy sauce still on her face.

Making a wish!

She LOVED it. She doesn't normally have a lot of sweets so she went to town!

She finished off her day with a balloon bath!

This dang piñata took me a month to make, but it was worth it!
We had bought Lila a new crib mattress so we had a huge box that I decided to make my first homemade piñata.
As cute as it turned out, I will forever more buy any future pinatas.

Since it was in the dead middle of summer I decided to have a popsicle themed party!


I had one of my balloons from my ETSY shop blown up for a photo shoot for her one year pictures! It wasn't until we had walked all over town with a giant balloon that I noticed we were wearing matching outfits!

My wonderful parents came down to help with her photo shoot. It helped that my Dad is her favorite person in the whole world.

I had taken pictures of Lila every month so it was so fun to see the final product!

Her birthday invitation:
Birthday party pictures to follow!

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