Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Girl

Everyone always ask me what I'm most scared of to have to twins.
Besides not being able to EVER go out on my own for the first little bit ( how do you carry TWO infant car seats and a 20 month old?) I am most scared about losing my time with Lila.
I LOVE spending my days with her. I have lost so many nights of sleep wondering if she is just too small to understand that I wont be able to play and read books with her all day like we do now.
She loves to look at books and we spend so much time reading books and going to the library and making things in her play kitchen, and it breaks my heart to think I am abandoning her. I don't know how I can nurse 2 babies at the same time with how time consuming it is with ONE and still feel like I am giving enough time and energy to Lila.
She is an EXCELLENT baby and I don't want her to digress.
Someone once told me the best gift you could ever get your child is a sibling. And I thought about how I cant imagine my life with brother and sister and how close we are.
I know we will be fine, but Im a little apprehensive about the adjustment.
Shes my best bud.

Side note- she LOVES to ride on her dads back like this. They do it every day :)

One day our babysitter called and said Lila was super fussy, and she didn't think she was feeling well.
I asked if I should leave work (I only work 2 days a week so I always feel bad when I tell my boss I have to leave, but of course I would leave if my child was sick!)
She told she thought I should.
I came and got her, brought her home and she was full of energy- I think she knew I just needed extra alone time with her :) Totally worth leaving.

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  1. She is just the sweetest! Having more kids is always an adjustment but it will all work out. :) She will be a great big sister!