Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lava Hot Springs!

The weekend before Lilas first birthday my Moms side of the family had a reunion in Lava Hot Springs, ID.
It was so fun!!
Most of the group was camping, but we found a great price on a hotel room and thought it would be easier with Lila.
It made sense why it was so inexpensive, it was built in the beginning of time...but don't worry! It had "colored TV"
We were the last to arrive in town so the group was all geared up in swimming suits and ready to float the river!
We literally pulled into my parents camping ground, and was changed into our swimming suits within 5 min.
My brother in law has a huge truck so all of us would pile in the back while my sister in law drove with Lila and their son Dax in the back watching movies.
They did SO good! They were strapped in their car seats for a couple of hours driving around the same loop dropping us off at the top and waiting for us at the bottom.
We were having too much fun we lost track of time before we had to head to my moms cousins home for a big "rib fest!"

Don't mind my greasy hair, it literally just came from a soggy river :)

Having a little warm milk with Auntie.
The next morning we headed over to the campground where everyone was staying and had breakfast.
I did all the girls hair as we hung out and caught up with cousins and aunts and uncles from California!


 My Dad worked really hard to restore the inside of their vintage trailer! Its fun to hang out in there and reminisce all the times we went camping in this old thing as a child! I love it.
I love that he kept the old wallpaper!

After lounging around the campground, ordering pizza and relaxing, we headed back to the river!
This time, my Mom and Aunt Jo were the drivers so my sister in could come with us!
The kids did just as good in the back watching movies and eating snacks :)
After floating the river for a couple of hours (the same river Russ lost his wedding ring in a couple years ago!) we headed back to our hotel to get ready for a fun chuck wagon dinner my mom had planned!
You can go for a wagon ride and not wear your itty bitty cowgirl boots!
Lila was less than impressed with the huge horses!
And off we went into the mountains for dinner!
 Once she was on the wagon she LOVED sitting with my Dad and watching everything go by.

Once we got to the top, there was a beautiful little ground with a yummy dinner, entertainment, and a cool little area tucked away with a teepee, tree swings, Frisbee games, a slide built into the side of the was great!

We really do wipe our childs face. I noticed in almost all of these pictures her face is dirty! We were "glamping" though!

This is my disabled cousin David. He loves to mow lawns and his favorite thing In the world is going to church. He starts as soon as the open the doors on Sunday morning until they close them at night. He often wears a button that says "I Love Primary".
I loved to see him hold Lila.

After dinner we went exploring!

Real men carry their wives purses.
Then we headed back down the mountain!
All tuckered out.
When we got back to my parents camp, it was dark out. We sat around the fire and told stories and laughed until I was crying.
The next morning we planned to head to the pool and then home from there.
It was Lilas birthday Eve and we weren't going to see my Brother and his family so they gave Lila her birthday present that morning!

Showing off her new toy!
One of my favorite memories from this trip is when baby Dax just couldn't keep his hands off Lilas pig tails. It didn't thrill her to death, but made for lots of laughs!

As we were headed out to the pool we got the exciting/scary news that my cousin had been called in for a double lung transplant. She has a disease that shuts down her organs. This is her second transplant after a liver transplant.
It was hard to see my aunt and uncle so scared as they had to drive back to SLC but we were happy that she had the opportunity.
We were definitely thinking of her as we finished our day at the pool as siblings. My parents rushed home to be with my aunt and uncle in the waiting room.

Russ has left a bowl of brownies on top of our cooler next to Lila for the ride home. We stopped to have lunch with my siblings before going our seperate way s and heading home and we kept saying how good lila was being!
When we pulled up to lunch we realized why she was being so good- the little stinker got a hold of the brownies without us knowing and ate the whole bowl!!

This trip was such a highlight to our summer and we are grateful to my Mom for all her hard work in planning and making it so fun for all of us!
We are lucky to have such amazing family and have the chance to gather with extended family and remember those that have passed away and no longer with us.

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