Monday, March 31, 2014

Working Momma...

Sometimes being a working Mom is hard.
After I had Lila I carried the insurance and needed to continue working full time until Russ had his surgery.
It was one of the hardest things Ive done.
Russ had a pretty flexible job at the time- He had been there 7+ years and could come and go as he wanted as long as he got his work done.
I work pretty far from home so I was getting up at 5 am, get ready, pack Lila for the babysitter,  pump and be out the door on the road by 6:40.
Russ would let her sleep in until about 7, feed her the bottle I had pumped and then drop her off at the babysitter.
So I wouldn't see Lila at all until I picked her up at 5:30. This was EXTREMELY difficult and depressing.
When he was up feeding her and getting her ready for the babysitter, I would be at work pumping again. We would sometimes Skype and that had to get me through the day until I could see her!

This particular day he was really proud of how shiny his forehead was. He always makes me laugh. I cant think of a day we have gone where he hasnt made me laugh out loud.

My 2 loves.

That meant, after picking her up, and  an hour drive home I never had time to make dinner, clean the house or get anything else done because when I got home all I wanted to do was spend time with her!
So we had to all work together on the weekends to pull our lives together!
We  would spend the weekends in our jammies, with our hair out of our face.
I liked to call this one the Un-E-corn,

We hung out..

Dad taught us how to surf...

 We made our beds and did Laundry..

Let our hair down..

I tried my hand at pig tails (Her baby sitter had it down, I not so much)
This was after like 40 min after I put them in. Practice practice practice..

And back to work I would go :(
She is NOT a snuggler, so the one day I have to drop her off she does this. Talk about tearing at your heart.

Thank goodness I was able to quit full time after Russ's surgery!

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