Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Russ's Birthday

This year for Russ's birthday his jaw was still recovering so we couldn't go to the Brazilian restaurant he likes so much for their meat! It was also on a Sunday so we went out on Saturday while his Mom came to our house and watched Lila.
We went to a local Mexican restaurant so he could eat their soft tortillas and beans :)
Then we went to a movie and saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. We both loved it! It was really different and it made me want to hop on a plane and travel that second.
Since Russ loves to hunt, I bought Lila a shirt with an Elk on the front.
Quick side note: As I am typing this blog post, Russ is in the other room watching Duck Dynasty and working. I yelled in and asked if the animal on the shirt I gave Lila was a deer or an elk. He yells back, "Elk I think. Or it may be a Red Stag."..........Silence from me, and then laughter. Red Stag?!
I thought it would be super cute to surprise him on his birthday with this shirt and bought it when I was pregnant. Russ never gets the mail or opens it for that matter, and the ONE AND ONLY time he has ever opened mail, especially my mail, it was that dang package with the shirt.
So it wasn't a surprise...but it was still cute.
We went over to my parents for Russ birthday dinner- Spaghetti.

I just barely learned that Elk, and deer are different. I promised Russ I would never admit that outloud but come on! Theres too many names for all those crazy creatures...Elk, Bull, Buck, Deer...yaddy yaddy yadda.

She also started sucking her toes the night of his birthday!

And finally, I can ride in comfort with AC and a seat without 4 inches of dust. Russ got an early Bday present- a new truck! He drove his little green truck into the ground pretty much so this is well deserved.
And if that isn't redneck enough for you, I surprised him with a snow camo coat, a cooler, and $6 cupcake.
Happy birthday Russ. We are sure lucky to have such a knowledgeable hunter in our home.
Red Stag...he he.

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