Monday, March 10, 2014

Rolls & Rednecks

That's right, Thanksgiving updates in March.

We rotate Thanksgivings with our family so we don't have to over eat..twice and so our day isn't full of travels. Just fat dogging it on the couch with a plate of pie balancing on our post baby weight stomachs. Or at least that's what mine consisted of.

I had Lila all dolled up in a fancy dress and I have NO pictures of her in it :(
I looked back through my photos to look for one none of her but I found a picture of my homemade Thanksgiving rolls. What a lame Mom I am.

 If you would please excuse my messy kitchen, I did get a picture of Lilas Thanksgiving bedhead as she sat in her chair watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade and I made rolls.

 After dinner I changed Lila into comfy's and these are the only pictures I took of her. And they happened to be with her adorable cousin Dax.

Lila turned 4 months old around Thanksgiving!
This was after her 4 month picture photo shoot.

We spent our Saturday after Thanksgiving with my extended family at the Kemp Annual Desert Day!
Lila got her first taste of redneck- sitting around a campfire, eating hot dogs and shooting guns.

The next day we introduced Lila to this little Sunday activity we call Church.

After church we had an awesome group nap.
I loved snuggling with my fam.

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