Sunday, March 16, 2014

Christmas Tree!

We have a really fun tradition of going up to Idaho and spending a weekend with my brother and his family and cutting down a Christmas Tree.
Last year when we went, we had just found out that day I was 6 weeks pregnant! This year, we were recovering from Russ's surgery and taking care of a new baby so we decided to stay home!
Our spirits were a little low around our house and it surely didn't feel like Christmas so I made Russ leave the house, and had big plans to get a tree, watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music!
We found a tiny little tree lot near our house and bundled Lila up, even though she ended up staying in the car the whole time.

We still dont have our house fully put together since we moved in.
Our living room seems the most bare as our entertainment center is still in the garage waiting for a good painting.
So it was nice to have a big full, yummy smelling tree!

Russ was still not feeling great so I pretty much took charge this year, although his patience were still intact so he was in charging of unraveling this...

We watched Christmas Vacation and I decorated the tree!

We finally brought Ecko over from my parents since Russ finished the yard and installed our fence!
It was nice having my 2 babies in front of the tree for the holidays!

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