Friday, March 28, 2014

Carrots- They are good for your eyes.

After a few nights of cereal it was time to introduce Lila to some food!
I decided on Carrots. She has big beautiful eyes, so why not take care of them!?
I was at the grocery store getting a few things together and text  Russ asking if he could boil some carrots for me so when I got home I could make her dinner! (My goal is to feed her only food Ive made- We will see!)
I was so excited when I got home to see how she would like it.
I put away all my groceries, got my processor out and ready and opened the lid to the pan.....

SERIOUSLY RUSS?!? An 1/8 of a carrot?! That's why I love him.
Sometimes (All the time) you have to be very specific with guys.
I literally could not stop laughing. He of course didn't get it and it made total sense to him to just boil enough for one tiny sitting. I couldn't even blend it there was so little of it.
So I forked the heck out of it and wala, she had 2 bites worth of carrots :)

They were a hit!

I know it looks like she is holding it all in those cheeks for the rest of winter that but that is 100% CHEEK. Love it.

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