Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kansas City!

Russ is a HUGE Real Salt Lake soccer fan.
They did so well that they made it to the MLS Cup, and for those of you that aren't familiar with soccer- Its the super bowl of soccer!
Russ has been wearing braces for the last year in preparation for jaw surgery. He was extremely nervous for this surgery and it was scheduled for the Monday following the big RSL game so I thought it would be a fun early Christmas present!
I tried, and tried and tried and get tickets but they were only being sold to season ticket holders. Long story short, it was so stressful but I finally got us 2 tickets!
The game was being held in Kansas City and I was trying to keep it all a secret! So to get our plane tickets, hotel and soccer tickets within a week of the game was horrible- I was just hoping the surprise would pay off!
With everything in place, and just a couple days before we were to fly out, I announced the big surprise. I used our cute baby for help!
I had a onsie made that said, "Ill miss you while your in Kansas City. Go RSL!"
I put her in the onsie and we waited at my parents house for Russ to get home from work and meet us there.

He got to my parents, and we all came down excited for him to see his surprise and he looked at he and said how cute her onsie was (thinking I had bought her an RSL onsie). Then he read it, and re-read it and said, "Wait....What?!"
I had to do some explaining but he was excited!!

2 Days later we were leaving our baby for the first time and flying out to Kansas City!
I made it a super fast trip because I didnt want to be away from the Babe too long and Russ was scheduled for surgery!
We were flying out super early the morning of the game. It also happened to be the same morning my sister was driving with her hubby and kids to Disneyland!
She Facetimed me while we were at the airport and she was driving. We were waiting at our gate and talking to her when she was asking if we were excited and then proceeded to SHOUT, " GOOAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!"
Haha, I love her.
We got to Kansas City and it was COLD!!!!!!!!
Maybe the coldest I have ever been.
It was 14 degrees,  but 7 with the wind chill.
We drove straight to the stadium and started bundling up!
It took Russ about 3 hours to get ready because that boy is one prepared boy scout! Im pretty sure he brought everything he owned and Im so glad he did because when he looked at how I was dressed he proceeded to dress me in HIS clothes. I felt so stupid because I could barely walk I had so many clothes on, but man o man was I glad he did!
We were literally in the parking lot dressing forever.
This may be WAY too much info for any of you reading this, but its way too funny not to post.
I am nursing our baby, therefore had to pump while I was away from her. I knew we would be in the stadium the whole day so I had to take my pump inside the stadium. I asked Russ if he could pack some of my gear and he said,
"Sure! This will actually double as a megaphone!"
That's why I love him.
We were so nervous how the other team would treat us, and they were so cool!
As we were walking into the stadium they were all telling us hi and welcome to Kansas City!
I was pleasantly surprised.
We had a hard time finding a place to sit in the Real Section, and by the time we dressed, got food, undressed, went to the bathroom, redressed, we were short on options for sitting.
We ended up sitting right on the border of our fans and theres.
We had to have a police offer by our side the entire time so no one would pick a fight with us!
Russ was my buffer :)
All bundled up- I was wearing my coat, with Russ's coat over mine, same with my pants :)

It was such an amazing game!!!! Sadly, we lost. But it was so fun seeing overtime, and then the shoot out. It was such a fun surprise and so fun to see Russ having such a great time and keep his min off of her operation.
After the game we tried to warm up by stuffing our faces with BBQ. Its also his favorite food and was about to be one of the last things he could eat for months.
It was fun eating a local place and half of the restaurant was other RSL fans.

Hat hair.

The next morning we flew out super early again so we could get home to our baby!
Russ at the airport.

You know you have married a true hunter when you fly over his favorite hunting spot and he breaks out his binoculars to see if he can see any "bucks".

It was also about this time that he started getting nervous again for the big surgery :(

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  1. It's been so fun reading updates again! I've missed your posts. Lila is so darn cute! Oh and your rolls for Thanksgiving look divine! What a good wife you are to do that surprise trip for Russ. So fun!