Saturday, March 8, 2014

Last Year in my 20's!

I get so overwhelmed when I think about catching up on my blog.
So the longer I wait the longer I get overwhelmed.
So...lets get this ball rolling.

I turned 29..last November :) That's how long its been since Ive blogged. I blogged about my birthday wish coming true- Lila moving her hand.

I had a great birthday. I took the day off of work, played with my baby all day, met my mom and Dad for lunch and then Russ took me out to dinner at Market Street Grill. I had the most delicious stuffed trout ever.
It was all decorated for Christmas which was fun- Even though Im anti Christmas until after Thanksgiving. It was still nice :)

We went home and Russ has the sweetest gift. No pun intended. The lady who did our wedding cake is fantastic. She sat down with me and we sketched out exactly how I wanted our wedding cake to look and it was spot on, not to mention delicious.
The year after our wedding she went on to win Cup Cake Wars and then this year she wrote a book with her recipes! So I wanted the book really bad so Russ got me the book a cupcake holder, and all the ingredients to make my favorite cupcake- Coconut Key Lime.
I thought it was really thoughtful.

Instead of making a birthday cake, her went the easy and super delicious route of cupcakes.
He didn't want to mutilate my cupcake so he put 29 candles in his cupcake for me to blow out.
I was laughing so hard.

Making my birthday wish!

The following day I made the cupcakes and they were amazing.

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  1. I gave up on trying to catch up on my blog, so I admire you for keeping up with yours. Plus, I love reading about your family, so I'm glad you're giving it a go :-) I think I've commented on it before, but I'm so, so happy for you and Russ that Lila's little hand is getting so strong and moving so well. It's strange to think that we haven't actually seen each other since high school--yay for fb and blogs so I can keep up with people I haven't seen in forever!