Saturday, May 17, 2014

First Hair Cut!

I am so far behind blogging I have sat here at my computer desk wondering if I just skip ahead, or try and catch up.
I thought about how I print all my books and I don't Lila to think I skipped 3 months of her life.
SOOOOO.... I left off in February...oops.

Lila had her first hair cut when she was only 7 months old!
I took her to get a little trim after Russ kept telling me to grow it out and everyone else in the world suggested we trim it up. Sorry Russ. I cant say she loved it, but she looked awfully cute sitting in that little chair :)

The picture on the left is how long it was by 6 months old! It was unbelievable.

She did great, and looked so cute after!

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