Thursday, May 22, 2014


Despite our best efforts of keeping Lila away from crowds and other sick kids, she still go Croup.
It was so sad and so scary.
She acted totally fine the day leading up. Russ and I put her to bed as normal and in the monitor I could hear her whimpering.
Lila is truly the easiest baby in the world. She likes to put herself to sleep- she doesn't like to be held or rocked, when its bed time she likes her own space and doesn't EVER cry when we put her down.
So to hear her whimper was weird and it didn't sound like her.
I told Russ that I thought she sounded weird but he couldn't hear it.
She cried about 10 min later and it was for sure different.
Long story short, her breathing got worse, her cough was barky and hoarse and it was just scary.
Russ slept on the floor and I brought her into bed with me (with pillows in between us) until morning when we took her in. We tried the whole sitting on the cold front porch and everything.
Sure enough, went to the Dr and croup.
We got home after being up all night and Drs all morning and besides my baby being sick, I was in heaven because she actually cuddled with me and only wanted to sleep in my arms!
I always say how lucky we are that she doesn't like to be held to sleep but boy I could get used to that!
The only reason I am smiling, is because it was such a miracle she was cuddling and sleeping in my arms I think Russ took about 50 of the same picture.

My Dad and Lila have always had a really sweet bond. They both light up when they see each other. I have loved seeing their relationship over the last couple months. He was so worried about her and had to come see her the next day. She of course lit up and had all the energy in the world when he was around.
And this next picture has nothing to do with croup and everything to do with how adorable she is.
My love for her is unexplainable.
So grateful for good Dr and modern medicine to be able to make her feel better, and breathe better just hours after.

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