Saturday, May 17, 2014

Olympic Park

This year with having a new baby and not wanting to go out into the cold too much we stayed in and watched a lot of the Sochi Olympics!
One day we decided to take a drive up to Park City and get out into some fresh air and out of the inversion. As we were driving we saw a sign for the Utah Olympic Park. Neither of us had been there so we drove up and walked around the museum. It was fun!
It brought back a lot of memories of when the Olympics were in Salt Lake and going to a few of the medal ceremonies. It was fun hosting the world :)
We got lila all geared up in her Puffy vest!
At the museum they had a cool bobsled you could sit in.
I don know if I could do a bobsled. It was so hard to get in, let alone running...and on ice!

You cant come up to Park City and not get a caramel apple!
It was a pretty tasty way to end a fun day out.

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