Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chocolate Exhibit

My parents took us to the Museum of Natural History for a family night! It was so cool and so much to see! I would totally recommend it.
We met up for brunch at Corner Bakery before heading over to the museum.

There was really so much to see there. I am not normally a museum kind of gal, I get bored. But this really was such a great collection of amazing things and hands on activities. I never got bored and thought it was super interesting.

Im such a terrible aunt. My niece was hanging out in the kids room for a minute and I sat down and told her how she was the most amazing back scratcher ever.
She scratched and scratched and I just kept telling her amazing she was. It was genius and totally a good half time break from the museum.

The Chocolate Exhibit was there and also so fun to go through and learn more about.
My family did chocolate tasting while I stepped out to feed Lila- Perfect timing for me since I don't eat chocolate.

She did great on her first time to a museum!

I started making all of Lilas bows. I had so much fun I opened a little shop.
You can find this flower she is wearing HERE

Thanks Mom and Dad for such a fun time!

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