Friday, May 23, 2014

Say Cheese

We haven't had our family pictures on my side done since I was like 12.
For Christmas we got my parents a family photo session.
We got one whole family session, and a session for each of our families.
We were already planning on being there for 4 hours, but Russ and I got stuck on the freeway with a bad accident and ended up being late- which threw off our whole day and all our sessions.
We waited an hour or so in the lobby- which is hard to do with 8 kids.
We are missing one babe in this pic.
It was finally our turn!
The whole Kemp Fam:

Grand Boys- Handsome little guys:


My AMAZING parents:

I couldn't ask for better parents, or grandparents for my baby.
They are so kind, and fun!

My family- We literally haven't had a formal family picture with just the 5 of us since I was 12- that I can remember anyway.

At this point, the kids were DONE. And I think most of the parents too :)

 From our little fam- Sorry for the pic overload. I truly couldn't chose my favs.

Right about the time for lunch and a nap.

Lilas bow HERE.

I love this little nugget!!

So glad for modern technology and not having to sit still for hours like in the olden days.
That 6 hours was long enough with a quick digital camera and turn around time!

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  1. I love your whole family!!! They turned out so great. Getting family pictures is NOT an easy task, especially with so many littles. I'm not good at getting them done either but it's always fun when you do though! So so cute!