Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thank you for this day.

My adorable 4 year old nephew was playing with my phone this weekend. Isnt it amazing how little kids know how to use smart phones?? Even my 1 yr old nephew was thumbing through my photos! Anyway, my nephew Kel was looking through my pictures and said the sweetest/funniest thing:
Kel: Ahhh, she is saying a prayer!
Kel:(imitating our kitten) Dear Heavenly Fodder, thank you for dis day...
I asked him to show me what he was looking at and sure enough, it does look like she is saying a prayer!
I love kids.
Thats a lot sweeter then what the picture actually was.
Griffin fell asleep on my lap and she was like a total gumby. I was moving her hands and legs all over the place and she wouldnt budge. In this particular "praying" pose, I was actually making her rap to the Fresh Prince of Bell Air.
I think Kels idea of the picture is much better.

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  1. Fresh Prince makes me feel like praying too!:) We love Griff & Ecko.

    Sarah's Key is a favorite book of mine. Made me cry & think. Can't wait to hear what you post about it.

    Have a good one-

    Had a heck of a time getting my comment posted. Sorry if it fouled you up.