Friday, May 11, 2012

Lions & Kittens & Birthdays! Oh My!

I bought Ecko when she was just 8 weeks old while I was living in Hawaii. She was the "black dog special". She was the only black dog out of 3 dogs total, after they advertised this huge "puppy swap meet". I guess 3 puppies is huge in Kona. She was $50 and that included a bag of dog food. Best $50 bucks Ive spent. I love her. I cant believe its been 6 years, but this May 1st Ecko celebrated her 6th birthday! We thought it would be fun to take her to In N Out for her birthday dinner. How awesome is this? The people in the drive through probably thought we had gone mad. Yep, that is Ecko in the back seat with the birthday hat on. She was loving it.
We grabbed our take out and went by a river for her to enjoy and eat.
I often wonder why my thighs and my butt are suddenly starting to swell right up and not fit in my could be that I had a cheeseburger AND fries animal style. Russ made a good point though, how could you not get it animal style when we are celebrating a dogs birthday. Yikes.
I think our mission was accomplished, she looks happy to me!
I stole this picture from my Istagram. Anyone else out there loving Instagram? Im kind of digging it right now. After Ecko's birthday Russ decided he would give her an early haircut. I take her every year for a spring cleaning at Petco and now that we are married, Russ thought he could take care of it on his own. I kind of put my foot down here and asked him if he realized that when I drop her off, it takes them 6 hrs. I said I would be happy to pay for it, or he could do it alone, but I wasnt about to spend my day fighting a dog. He decided to go for it. He started with a brushing her. Can you even believe how much hair came out of this dog??
He then gave her a bath, which included me out there holding her down getting soaking wet. So much for putting my foot down, but it was fun. After she dried, he started shaving her. Doesnt he look so good without a shirt? I think so. He's sexy and he knows it.
This isnt the greatest picture of her, but basically after being at it a whole day, he gave her a hair cut like a lion. Poor girl.
I guess that is that for now.
A week ago we hosted a BBQ in our back yard. Russ kept disappearing in the middle of everything, and I was thinking.. where on earth is he going? After everyone had left I was laying on the hammock in the backyard hanging out under the stars and Russ came and laid next to me and wished me a happy 6 month anniversary and plopped a baby kitten on my chest. I was so surprised!!! This picture makes me laugh. You know those pictures of new born babies on their moms check? This reminds me of little baby kitten.
Turns out he was hiding a kitten in his truck, so he kept disappearing to check on it. I guess neither of us wanted to "look" to see what the gender was, so we just assumed it was a boy and named him Griffin :) A couple days later we discovered she is a girl! So please meet our girl kitten Griffin. I like to call her Griff. I thought about changing her name to a girl name, but different is good. Russ has been hilarious with this new kitten. Its like its his first born son...I mean daughter. I was at work the next morning and Russ Facetimed me at like 10 am
He said he was worried about the kitten and couldnt concentrate at work so he went to hang out with her. You can tell by that ugly face I was a tich touched :) Introducing lil Griff to big Ecko was a bit scary. Ecko kept staring at her like she does her treats while she waits for us to say "get it!"
But we just spent a ton of time the first couple of days getting the 2 used to each other. Ecko even yawned the other morning and the cat stuck her face in Eckos mouth. I about died. There goes that kitten. But Ecko gently pulled away and spared her life. After that, I knew they would get along just fine.
Remember how I mentioned my thighs and butt are swelling right up? Thats not fun at all. In fact, it makes me angry. I guess thats what happens when you are pushing 30. Yuck. I started doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I like it. I even bought the "Killer Buns and thighs" and made Russ do it with me. The only problem was we couldnt walk for like 3 days after. The other night I was doing one of the workouts in our front room and Russ was like..I think I am going to give the kitten a bath. I had to remind him that cats hate water and that might not be a good idea. After my work out I went into the bathroom to find this..
Russ and the kitten were just chilling in the water. That cat could have cared less that it was in water. Russ was washing it so gently and in all the right places and I was like...yep, he will be a dang good dad one day.
And for the last picture of Griffin, last night she fell asleep in my hand and her head went completely back and she just went limp. Russ was scared she was dead. Nope, just super relaxed.
This has made me think I will be a terrible mother. That dang kitten cries all night, I am super moody in the mornings and all I can smell now is cat food and kitty litter. A guy at worked popped a bag of popcorn and it smelled like cat food to me. I dream about the kitten running around in our room and Ill sit straight up in bed looking for her. The other night, I had the worst dream ever that I was making cat food out of human brains. I have scratched all over my lower half of my legs from the kitty trying to climb my bare skin. Im excited for the weekend. But welcome to the family Griffin!

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  1. I think you have to be the cutest pet owner EVER!! That's awesome you took Ecko to In N Out. She is one lucky pup! Griffin is so cute and he definitely lucked out getting you and Russ for her fam!