Monday, May 21, 2012

Hard Work- Dedication

We love watching The Biggest Loser. I love when Dolvette yells at his team.."Hard work! Dedication!". Russ has worked so hard around our yard to make it fun for summer bbqs!
I cant believe how much I dislike yard work. Im not a girly girly I would say, but I do NOT like bugs. Especially snakes and spiders and our yard has both. Creeps me right out. But Russ has been doing a fantastic job at weeding, cleaning things up nicely, and attempting at a garden. I just only wish something would grow. Im really good at mowing the lawn though! I help...a little. We hung some really cute lights in our back yard.
Our fire pit is all set up in the back, and ready for a full summer of mallows. We even broke out the hammock. There is nothing better then laying out on a summer night watching life flight fly directly above your house (We live across the street from a busy hospital). But hey! If we are ever in need of medical attention I could wave my arms as they pass or walk there in a jiff.
We bought a new patio set for our first summer together as a MR & MRS. Its bright, comfy and currently covered in bird poop. Darn those birds! Bring on the summer BBQs!

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  1. I emailed you about doing a bbq when we're in town. Did you get it? I want to get together with you guys, the Garr's, the Brady's, The Powell's... and others. Let me know what you think!