Friday, May 25, 2012

I Run for Hope

We had a really fun time at the Race for the Cure again. Its always a fun time to get out, do some exercises while raising money for a good cause. Our family, and our team had a lot going on this year. They all signed up and donated but opted to go to breakfast and do a "cheers" to the race for the cure. Russ, Heidi and I decided to still attend. And we were glad we did!! Before you start the race you can put if you are running in celebration of someone that had survived the terrible disease, or you could run in memory of someone who lost their life to breast cancer. Russ and I ran in memory of my Gram.
Heidi was also running in memory of her friend, she just wrote it on the wrong side :)
I love every year seeing all the creative names people come up with. And its always so great to see Survivors walking with their friends and families. The ladies always love Russ.
Nothing starts a 5K off like a good stretch.
It was so fun to have Heidi there with us this year. She is always such a good friend and willing to support you in whatever you do. Running through the cheer tunnel...
Heids, thanks again for joining us! Its always a good time with you around, and you are always so good at taking pictures. Thanks for sharing.
And Im really sorry again about the dang parking ticket. Dont you think when there is a big event, like 16,000 people going on down town, especially a fundraiser that the city would be a titch more understanding when you are there for less than 2 hrs? Always out to make a buck right?


  1. Yeahhhh for fun runs and good company! Glad we could both walf for our grandma's who dealt with Breast cancer. I enjoyed every minute of it! Love you and Russ!

  2. Oh man, I miss the race for the cure! One of my favorite races for sure! Also, I love Heidi! She really is such an amazing friend, I love that lady! Can't wait to see you soon! Love you!