Monday, June 4, 2012

Backyard BBQ

We had our first little BBQ in the backyard with some friends the other day. Em was in town from Seattle..that is always reason to celebrate. Plus, we got to use our new patio set! Isn't he so strong?? If you notice a big pee stain down the front of Russ's shirt throughout the night, don't be alarmed. I had a melon scentsy burning in the bathroom and he decided to dump it all down the front of him, down the wall and all over our bathroom floor 5 minutes before our guest arrived. Its not easy scraping cooled wax off a wall. The Brady's made an appearance with little Boston. Their kids seriously have the most hair of anyone I know. This little guy is tiny and has already had a few haircuts. Sher introduced me to Suddenly Pasta. I had never heard of it and think its pretty fantastic you can have a pasta dish in like 10 min for $2.00. We had dinner (ran out of hot dogs...not one of my better party hosting moments. But Russ is THAT good at BBQ'ing a hot dog they flew off the grill)and sat around the fire for some Smores! Garr Fam Joy and her baby (loved this lil guy) A fire pit isn't a fire pit with out my girl Ecko. I miss this girl. She is the kind of friend that is always up for anything and can make anything you are doing fun. I miss having her around and going to movies with her (she can see the same movie like 5 times in a theater). Always a good time. Thanks for sharing your short time here with us. Wait..that sounded like you died. Thanks for sharing your short weekend in Utah while visiting for your sisters wedding with us..better. Seattle is awfully lucky to have you Em. Next time you come Ill buy more hot dogs.


  1. Wait, Em lives in Seattle? Also, super jealous that you guys all got to hang out. I miss you. Please let's go to lunch next week? We are hanging with Ty's brother and sis in law next Wednesday so I couldn't change the date of the BBQ :(.Love you!

  2. Everyone has beautiful smiles! You must be a great host!