Thursday, June 7, 2012

Memorial Day- Heise Style!

Its hard to believe a whole year ago Russ and I were driving down the coast after an amazing time in Canada. This year, for Memorial day, we were going to go to Washington DC to visit his brothers family but it didnt pan out. So we visited my brother in ID-HO. Have I mentioned how much I love it up there? I would have NEVER thought I would want to go to Idaho for vacation. But its fantastic! They live in a beautiful, fun little area and we love going up there. It was a very cold weekend and I was not packed accordingly. We got there late Friday night and the next morning, Russ and Cody woke up early to go Bear hunting. I got to hang out with the kids and Kam and my niece is really into making bracelets out of string. So we made lots of bracelets while waiting for the boys. When the boys got back they humored me with a scavenger hunt I had put together. I dont know why, but Ive been craving a scavenger hunt :) So the girls all got in my car, and the boys all got in my brother Cody's truck and each team had a list of all the same things we had to do or take pictures of. We had exactly 1 hr to complete the whole list and be to Chinese restaurant where we were going to have dinner and take a look of everything and determine a winner. The entire time we were doing our scavenger hunt it was pouring rain, which added a whole new element to it. We had to do things like: Fill up a certain amount of gas and every cent you went over you had to deduct a pt. Find a gumball machine and take a picture of the team blowing a bubble. Does anyone else have the new Iphone4s and have your pictures upside down like mine???? Drives me bonkers. Nothing I do can make these ride side up. Any one else having the same problem?? Here are a few very cute and very upside down pictures. Find a picture of graffiti *Do a Chinese fire drill *Take a picture with a stranger (Russ cheated) And a whole list of other things. The winning team had to buy the other team ice cream. We actually drove into the Chinese restaurant with 2 min to spare at the same time and raced to be in first. Between the boys have more boys in the bubble blowing picture and Russ cheating with taking a picture with a stranger we tied. We still had ice cream though! If you couldnt tell from the puffy coat, I was FREEZING. Team Black Bears Team Cheetah's! Or as Kinley liked to say, Team Cheaters! We went to Jackson Hole the next day and it was snowing!! Kel wanted Russ do to his hair that morning just like his. It was so cold. We stopped for pizza in town and looked for a camping spot for when we come back this summer and headed back. Kel got a BB gun and Im pretty sure we adults had more fun shooting it then he did. Russ and Cody tried their hardest to help me shoot something. Kam and the kids Instagram'n it in Idaho That night we spent most of the evening warming up in the Heise Hot springs. Felt SO good after being cold all day. The next morning we took Kel to a little fishing spot to try out his new fishing pole. Before I get to that story, did I mention we took our kitten with us? Yep, when you want to road trip it and you have a new kitten, you have no other choice but to take the kitten. She actually did really well in the car and the kids LOVED her. Kel got his new pole and he would practice his cast and the kitten would chase it and he would reel it in and they would start all over. He was so excited to go fishing and by the time we got there he didnt care any more. He was down stream throwing rocks into the water and looking at spiders while Russ and I fished with a tiny little 4 yr olds pole. It was fun. Thanks for letting us play with your BB gun and fishing pole Kel. Kinley and Cody stuck with the fishing though. Thanks Kemp family for a very fun weekend and for all the delicious food you treated us to. Kam, you're a stellar cook.


  1. That looks like so much fun! I actually love vacationing in Idaho. We used to go up to Red Fish Lake and go waterskiing there every year. I LOVE that place. Also... are we going to get to see each other? I miss you!!!

  2. You guys are so much fun! I love the scavenger hunt idea....I wish I could come up with fun ideas like that. So happy to read about your happy life!