Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I recently found this picture while cleaning out some files on my computer. This picture was taken almost 9 years ago! We were going to a "Butt Rock" concert while we were attending Utah State. At the time there was this guy up there I had met a couple of times that I thought was loads of fun. Turns out he was meant to be my husband.
It also turns out that he can ROCK a midriff, mustache, and gold chain.
I love you Russell, you still make me laugh this hard every day.
And yes, that really is Russ.
How did I get so lucky?


  1. I love this so so much. I'm super sad I didn't keep any of the pictures from when Tyler and I knew each other like ten years ago... sad! Anyway, love you!

  2. No way! NO WAY! That is incredible. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  3. I knew you'd be at that concert that night. That's why I wore my best and sexiest outfit. It took almost a decade for it to win you over but it finally worked! I knew you couldn't resist. Love you!

    P.S. Have seen those clothes anywhere? I'm feeling a comeback!