Monday, October 29, 2012

1 yr of work-through the eye of an Iphone

I just got back from my last work trip of the year a couple of days ago! As much as I love to travel, I feel very ready to have a couple months break. Its been so hard being away from Russ so long. I am usually gone through the last part of the weekend through the middle of the week and he leaves right when I get home for hunting. I can count on my hands the times Ive seen him since September. But as I looked through my Iphone photos today I thought about all the fun trips I did this year for work, and all the amazing places I got to see that I wouldnt have otherwise. After 10 months of travel I went on a total of 14 trips, visited 10 different states, went to California 4 times, and gained 16 lbs from eating out breakfast lunch and dinner. A summary of my work year through pictures on my phone :)

San Diego, California.
I loved this trip because I was able to meet up with my friend Emilie and take a water taxi to Coronado Island for garlic knots and pizza on the pier. (No pictures..sad)

North Carolina-
I didnt get a picture here either! But my highlight was definitely when I played Petey Pablos "North Carolina" song and my co-workers werent pleased at all. "take your shirt off, twist it around your head just like a helicopter". I also enjoyed really yummy BBQ and the nicest people with the cutest accents.

San Diego-
This trip was awesome because Russ came along. His friends drove down and hung out with us for a couple of days. Russ surfed every single day and we hung out and went to Sea Port Village and the beach!
I ate the most delicious pizza ever and walked around Michigan State campus.

Long Beach, California
I was training for Ragnar on this trip and remember after long days on my feet going straight to the gym to run afterwards. I ate yummy sushi on the pier and frozen yogurt.

Hilton Head- South Carolina
Another fun trip because Russ came along! Probably my favorite trip of the year. I loved seeing the dolphins, swimming in the warm water, and I loved all the new people I met at the event! They were so nice! Plus, I was introduced to Grits and hush puppies.

I loved going to Dallas because I was able to meet up with my other friend Jamie! She has the cutest little guy. It was fun to escape a couple times to have dinner with her and her nice husband. We also took a drive around downtown and got cupcakes.
I remember going to meet Jamie for dinner one night and it was 7:00 pm and still 100+ degrees. Texas in July= HOT.
I had 2 events in Texas over 2 weeks. So I spent two weeks in one of the hottest times of the year. The other event was 3 hrs outside of Dallas in a smaller town. It was cute, and I loved trying their local favorite- Kolache. It was a yummy little breakfast treat. (One of my favorite parts of my job is working with caterers from all over the country. I get to try to the food of each state and what they are famous for!) When I checked into my hotel room I had a lovely butterfly on my window.

I was super bummed I didnt have enough time to check out Nashville. I was only 40 mins away but couldnt get the time to drive and explore. In Tennessee I ate my favorite sandwich joint Which Wich and enjoyed this sunset along with my buffalo chicken sandwich.
The one thing I remember about my time in Tennessee is the fiasco with Chick Fila. It was right around the time they had their stance with Gay rights or what not, and the there was a line forever long for people trying to show their support and eat at Chick Fila (which happened to be right next to my hotel). As I was making my way through the crowds an officer stopped me to tell me they had run out of food but here was a free coupon for a sandwich tomorrow. Awesome, I wasnt going to chick fila but Ill take it!

I recently posted about that so I think thats enough said. Rode roller coasters, spent time with my cousin, and shopped shopped shopped.

I LOVED Ohio. Everything was so green, I loved all the farm land and most of all, I loved eating at a Mexican restaurant with Amish people! 4 lovely ladies walked in with their whole Amish attire and I thought it was great. I would love to tour their farms one day. I did get some delicious Amish peanut butter though.
Back to San Diego-
This may have been my second favorite trip. I loved the people I worked with, and had tons of fun exploring San Diego with them. We saw Lance Armstrong, dipped our feet in the ocean, hung out at Gas Lamp district, and walked down to Seal beach in Lo Jolla. Can you believe this palm tree picture?!

Orange Beach- Alabama
This was nothing how I pictured Alabama. Nothing at all. I guess you could say I was pleasantly surprised! Highlight was definitely sitting out the balcony and watching dolphins every morning. Also, I realized the importance of applying sunscreen accurately. And yes, I still have those exact tan lines on my body today. Awesome.

I just got back from my last trip in Virginia and it was AWESOME. My highlight of this trip is when I walked up to the rental car company and found out I had forgotten to book a car with my flight. After they searched their lot high and low they told me they had great news! They found me a car. What they didnt tell me, was it literally struggled going above 35 mph and my carry on wouldnt even fit in the "trunk". It was awesome though. I drove around for 4 days and only spent $3 in gas.
When I got home from the airport from Alabama I had a surprise waiting me. It pretty much made my day. I usually drive myself to the airport so the fact that he was there, with flowers and a new rack for my was pretty awesome!
But his thoughtfulness didnt stop there. He had to leave that night too and we were about to go another week without seeing each other. I was bummed. But when I got home and started unpacking...I noticed he had left me notes ALL over the house. There was one in the microwave, fridge, freezer, on my pillow, in the medicine cabinet, taped to Eckos collar, in the outside garbage can, in the dryer, on my computer... It was pretty awesome. I was finding them for days after he left them.
I especially liked the one in the outside garbage can and in Eckos dog food. I am a lucky girl. Its been a really fun year, but Im excited to be home for the holidays and hang out with my thoughtful man.


  1. I loved the microwave note! :D

  2. I loved this post! I love to travel too but man, it can get a little old sometimes and just feel so nice to be home with your family. I LOVE Russ and I hardly even know him. What a cute, thoughtful guy you've got. Can't wait to hang out with you guys soon!