Monday, October 15, 2012


Theres the cooler temperatures, the falling leaves, the yummy candles, but nothing and I mean nothing, screams fall to me like the good ol state fair. What a better way to end summer and kick off a new season than some fried food, big yellow slide, and people watching? Growing up every year we would go to the fair with my grandpa. Even though he has passed, we still try to go every year as a family. Since I was staying down town for work, it was just a hop skip and a jump to the fair grounds. Russ was working in Logan so I headed there to meet up with my cousins and join him later.
I love this tradition with my cousins. Russ drove in shortly after and we stuffed our faces with high calorie fair food and headed straight to the big yellow slide!
I hope with all my heart I will never get too old to do the big yellow slide. We walked through the photography section, the booths, the animals and of course, for Russ the building with all the gross animals mounted on the wall. This was a lovely new addition however.
After a day full of being on my feet at work and walking around the fair, I was ready for a funnel cake and bed. Until next year...