Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Run the Rave

We ran a really fun 5K a couple of weeks ago. It was out at the Great Saltaire and was all in the dark. Our team before the race
Kim and I getting our glow in the dark on
Lights out
This is what Russ and I look like dancing in the dark with glow sticks on.
There was a painting station with glow in the dark paint you could paint each other. Some of us did mustaches
Kim and I were painting each others eyebrows and lines under our eyes when we looked over at Russ and about died. He must have seen the looks on our faces because all he said was, "is this too much?"
They had little paper bags with candles that lit the way around the lake on the sand. It was fun, smelly and muddy and we made it! After the race:
Has anyone see the YouTube video "I like Turtles?"

Do you think they have something in common?


  1. Hahahahaha that's hilarious. Thank goodness for husbands that make us laugh! When I watched the video clip of your husband I had flashbacks of Nuttal in high school!

  2. Remember how you used to hate running and now you are a full blown runner? I love that. We need to run a race together!

  3. Love Russ's gusto with the glow-in-the dark paint! Hilarious!! How fun you guys do races together. Kris needs to take "good husband lessons" from Russ.

  4. This is TyAnna...don't know why it says Kris!