Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend with the fam

I hate how easy it is to get behind on blogging.
Especially during this time of year when so many fun things are going on!
Russ spent most of fall hunting. Between him being gone hunting, and my busy season with work, we didn't see much of each other at all.
One weekend while he was out hunting, I went along with my family to Bear Lake for the last time of the season. I thought Labor Day weekend with Russ would have been the last time but I was pleasantly surprised we made one more family vacation of it.
And the weather was PERFECT! There was no one around and we did lots of fun things.
I rode up with my parents and met my brother and his family from Idaho in Bear Lake.
When I stepped out of the car, I noticed my sis in law Kami and I had the same hair, same earings, and same glasses. Good taste Kam ;)
My nieces and nephews all call me Bubba, until this dude came along. He calls me Bubby. I loved seeing him and having him run to me with arms open yelling, "Bubby!"
My sister and her family met up us up there shortly after. I love it when we can all get together. We played on Russ's longboard
Had some good old fashion Bear Lake Pizza
And had a movie night
The next morning and gathered the kids in my parents room and gave them all Mustaches. They thought it was hilarious. I told them they all needed to run out to the adults and yell, "We mustache to the beach!". It was so cute and I loved watching them all help each other and chose with mustache they wanted.
The water in Bear Lake is always freezing, but the toward the end of September its really cold. My siblings still swam in the lake but I stayed back with the kids and played in the sand. Sometimes, cold water just isn't worth it.
After the beach we had a friendly game of soccer. What a perfect field right? Mei, Oaks, Me, B and Cody played while the rest of the family cheered us on.
We worked up enough appetite for a picnic and a nap!
When you only have a couple of days, you need to pack them in with fun! We then headed to the pool. I have some seriously brave nieces and nephews. My job was to catch the wild ones that wanted to go down the slide but couldn't swim. They were going backwards, upside down....
I was at the bottom waiting for Oaks to come down when she stopped herself just before hitting the water. She then stood up on the bottom of the slide and did a standing flip into the water. She's nuts!
Mom and Kaysie
B, me, and all those crazy kids. I loved when I saw this picture, it looks like there is a random head coming out of the water.
That night, my mom popped some popcorn and had a big movie night with all her grandkids while the adults all went and played an indoor tennis tournament. The drive home the next day was incredible. The leaves were perfect and we were all eating a raspberry shake. Doesn't get much better than that! Plus, shortly after I got home, there was a hunter at my door! Who would have ever thought I would marry a hunter? I sure didn't!


  1. Yay for one more trip to Bear Lake!! That place just never gets old. Looks like you all had a fun time!

  2. So much fun Chels! I love love lo that place. Also, I really love you. It was so fun having you guys hang out with us for a bit. I was serious when I said you need to come back when we can go to the Keys for some camping! Make it happen!