Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My little "Brace Face"

On 10-11-12 Russell finally bit the bullet and got braces. He has a long journey ahead with a painful jaw surgery scheduled for about a year into the braces to repair and bad/painful bite. But,he will have straight, white teeth at the end of it. Heck of a deal. They had to put bite blocks in his mouth which prevents him from biting completely down.
His favorite soup I make in the fall is Cha Chas Chicken Bean Chili, so when he got done I had a big pot ready for him...he couldn't even chew the beans- We had to put his bowl of soup in the Magic Bullet. Poor guy, he is going to be so skinny. There is always Jamba Juice...
You cant even hardly tell he has them on right? He said he is just now waiting for his voice to start cracking again.


  1. Poor guy! I remember how painful they are, especially when you first get them on. Sounds like he has a fun road ahead! :( You really can't tell he even has them on.

  2. I have braces too! hopefully mine come off in a couple months! it will be two years in march! It definately is painful but totally worth it!!!

  3. If anyone can pull off braces it's Russell. Handsome dude.