Monday, November 26, 2012


I had so much fun this year preparing for Halloween. Its just a fun time of year. I love the feeling in the air around fall. Its such a welcomed time after a hot summer. This year, I did a lot of baking around the holidays. I was recently called into young womens in our ward and love it! I made the YW witches fingers and had them over for hot chocolate and a firepit.
This year for Halloween, I didn't have as much time to prepare for a costume as I usually do. Thankfully, I had the trusty back up Minion. Last year, my friends and I made these Minions for Halloween. They are pretty much always a hit and Its so fun to see something you made from scratch! My mom was kind enough to store it in her basement since I don't have as much space. I went to get the costumes for me and my coworkers and forgot just how big they were. It was hilarious to watch people watch me drive. My head is literally against my window.
We won our Halloween costume contest at work. It was awesome!
I was so so proud of my mom this year for dressing up. It was fun to go shopping together and meet her early in the morning to do her make up. She looked awesome! She hate dressing up so it was kind of a big deal.
My nieces and nephew came and trick or treated at my work, How cute are they?!
I was holding my niece Millie, and she said, "Hey Bubba, Im a strawberry! But with a hat!"
When Russ and I were dating we would go to Halloween parties the night of Halloween. Last year we went to my parents house for their annual chili and apple cider. This year, I really wanted to hand out candy in my own little house. So I came straight home got my candy all ready and thought it would be fun to bake while I waited. I made some mummy cupcakes
I waited and waited, and no one ever came :( Dang trunk or treating!! So we ran down to the basement, pulled out an old costume and headed to my parents house.
Ugliest, most unflattering costumes ever huh? After looking at this picture it made me want to always obey the law for many reasons, but mostly so I wouldn't have to wear one of these ugly outfits. She had amazing food for dinner. I then made homemade donuts for the first time!


  1. Look how cute you are! I bet your are the favorite leader of all of the YW in your ward. I'm impressed with all your baking!! I love the mummy cupcakes. Too cute! It was fun seeing your at your parents for a minute. :)

  2. Those are the cutest cupcakes ever!