Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Are you her Dad?

The day after I finished Ragnar I was really sick again. I was super nauseous and could stand up without feeling like I was going to lo lose it again. I felt really bad too because it was Father’s day and we were supposed to go down and visit Russ’s dad, but I literally I couldn’t stand long enough to put my hair in a ponytail. I thought it was left over from Ragnar, maybe dehydrated, mixed with a little exhaustion. The next day the nausea was gone, but I had pain my upper stomach. Long story short…it went on all week. Did I mention when I was throwing up during RAGNAR, I was throwing up blood? After throwing up blood 7 times and having pain in my belly for a week Russ finally talked me in to seeing a Dr. I have a hard time with Drs. In fact, I don’t even have one. I got a recommendation for a Dr that treats people holistically so they don’t pound you full of drugs. They pushed around in my belly, took some blood ( The dang nurse that took my blood hit a tendon and I literally couldn’t use my right arm for a week!) and decided since I had thrown up so much blood, I should get a scope to make sure I wasn’t bleeding internally. They scheduled me for an appointment at the hospital right by our house and by then I was pretty stoked to see what was going on. The pain was driving me nuts. We went in first thing in the morning, and I was checking in, the lady registering me asked Russ if he was my Dad….oops. That didn’t go over well. I will admit, without make up, my freckles are in full force and I do look younger, but my dad?? They nurse came out into the waiting room and called me by my first and last name but with a different middle name. I told her my middle name was not Ann, so she asked my birthday. I told her my birthday and she said they must have put the wrong middle name in on accident. She then looked at Russ and said “Are you her Dad?” TWICE, by 2 different people he was asked if he was my dad. I went into my room, changed into my hospital gown and waited for them to come in and give me an IV. They had to put my IV in my left arm since my right arm was all jacked up from the blood draw at the Drs earlier that week. They gave me my IV, slapped my bracelet on with my name and a bunch of numbers and told me I would go back any minute. Did I mention I love air guitar? Because I do. Sometimes Russ will restrict me from playing air guitar in the car.
Russ took a picture of me doing it with my IV bag. He took the time to draw me this nice picture. I especially the love the glasses that are not lined up with my face and the arrow in my IV bag. Thanks Russ, I love this picture. My view waiting for them to come get me:
Another nurse came back to take me to the room. She asked my Full name… I told her my first, middle and last name. She looked at the charts and noticed the middle name was wrong. “What’s your birth date?” I told her my birthday. She showed me my charts and I said…”that’s not my home address” Nurse, “ Are you 17 years old?” “No, I’m 27” There was another girl with the same name and same birthday also coming in that day for a totally different procedure!! And they were seconds away from taking me away for the wrong thing! They thought I was the younger girl, so that’s why they were asking if Russ was my dad. How crazy is that? They had to take off my bracelet, switch my charts, and switch my Dr… Yikes. I wasn’t nervous until that point. Off I went. Russ followed us back and sat in the room with me. He was going to ask if he could stay.

The Doc kicked him out and told him that it was not a spectator sport. They knocked me out and after the nurses and the Dr said I was hilarious under anesthesia. I kept telling the nurse she was so pretty, and asking where she was from…only like 5 times. Then I kept telling them that I was going to fight off the anesthesia and stay awake and the Dr had to keep saying “close your eyes Chelsea”. Such a weird feeling having people tell you what you were saying and you don’t have any recollection of it. At least I was nice. I came back to the recovery room and Russ came back to sit with me. I hadn’t woken up yet, but I thought something was super funny.

I later asked all the nurses if they had eaten their breakfast.
Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day.

 Results are in!
I had/have 3 ulcers! Who gets ulcers you might ask? I do.
I had no idea; I thought only old men got ulcers.
I don’t take medicine for many things at all, but I had a bad knee and shin splints before Ragnar and had taken 800 Milligrams of Ibuprofen which isn’t a lot ( I think you can have up to 2400 milligrams a day), but my body wasn’t used to it. Did you know Ibuprofen thins your blood?
I guess I had ulcers before, and due to the ibuprofen I took before my run, it thinned my blood and made my ulcers bleed, which made me throw up blood, and possibly tear the ulcers even more.

 Easy fix.
In fact, like 3-4 hrs after I got back from the hospital, I felt great! I hate drugs, and I hate taking them, but I honestly do feel so much better. And what a relief.
Thanks Russ, for hanging out with me for the day and taking a terrible, but funny video of me drugged up the wazoo.


  1. Wow, what a crazy thing...3 ulcers? Well, if you're going to do something, you might as well go all out! :-) And p.s. there's no way on this earth that Russ could be mistaken for your dad--those nurses are crazy!

  2. Glad you're feeling better.

  3. So many sad and funny things about this - So sorry you were so sick! This just gives me another reason why I would never want to run a ragnar race (another girl I know who ran recently, is in crutches for 6 weeks because it messed up her knee!). I can't believe that Russ was asked that he was your dad! I don't even think you two look that much alike. And the fact that you can pull off being 17? I am so jealous. The video of you laughing makes me think of babies who are just smiling in their sleep for no reason - hahaha! Glad you're feeling better though!

  4. You are such a great sport. Sorry you have the ulcers, but honestly, I'm super duper glad Russ captured your darling smile for all to see!

  5. I am so curious about what procedure you would have gotten if they wouldn't have caught it before? That is a super crazy story! So glad you are doing better. Also, miss you! Wish you were coming to visit!