Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Its what fun is!

I love Lagoon!! It truly never gets old to me. I love everything about it: people watching, carny games, greasy foods, and of course the rides! We had our company Lagoon day last weekend. Lagoon is even 10 times more fun when its free. Russ is really good at being late. I think Ive mentioned before his old roommates even made up a song “waiting on Russ”. There was no way I was going to miss a minute at Lagoon. I may have been too eager to be punctual because we ended up getting there a half an hr before it opened. I think that was a first for Russ. Poor Russell gets sick on rides. Last year no matter how much pressure I applied he would only ride so many rides with me. This year, he got smart.
By the look of this box, I think Russ has made good use of it. It worked! He even rode my favorite ride with me this year and didn’t get sick. I am lucky enough to have my mom work at my same company. After 20+ years of selling Real Estate she decided to settle down and try something new. A few months ago she started working with me! We don’t work in the same departments, but we are on the same floor and its been so much fun. We go out for lunch every Friday and I love that. And because she works for the same company, she and my dad were at Lagoon too! My dad is a total blast to ride rides with. He will do anything. He just turned 65 in June and he can still kill it at Lagoon with me.
My mom on the other hand tends to get a little motion sick and likes to be a “spectator”
It ended up being 100 + degrees that day. Some might say it was miserable, I say it was awesome! Everyone was either at the water park, or not there so we had no lines! And no riders! This was taking off on a roller coaster.. besides the 4 of us, there was only one other rider.
The only bad thing about no lines, means no recovery time for Russ man. That’s when the sky ride over to the other side of the park comes in handy
We had lunch with our company. My mom won a gift card! I thought for sure I was going to win an Ipad, but unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with as much luck as my mom. She wins everything she is entered in to. After lunch..
Russ wasn’t so sure he could go on. But he persevered
Man he is a good sport.
We played games and the boys and the boys impressed us with their strength.
I love Jet Star. But not when they try and shove 3 of us into a 2 man seat. The thing I didn’t understand about this situation was there was NO line. We literally hopped right on. The 16 year old running the ride said, “You 3 there” Me, “We wont fit, we will catch the next one” 16 yr old, “You will fit”. 5 min later after Russ’s face was an inch from the guy in front of him legs and arms bending in ways they shouldn’t, the 16 yr old puts the seat belt around us. Russ, “My butt isn’t on the seat” 16 yr old “It will work its way down”. That was an interesting ride. My dad thought I was going to knock he teeth out with my face. I thought I was going to break my neck from trying to hold it going a million miles an hour without slamming into his face, and poor Russ thought he was going to fall out. We made it! Very uncomfortably.
Russ won our little rug rat pets a prize on this game:
Russ was holding my cell phone and my lip gloss in his pocket. After we rode the second ride (Also the ride he lost his sunglasses on last year) he pats down his pockets and in a panic, informs me my brand new cell phone and lip gloss is gone. Uh oh. Definitely not mad at him…not his fault, but I was so bummed thinking of paying for a new phone, getting everyones numbers again, getting it all set up with my work stuff…etc. That was at like 10 am. I thought 1 of 2 things could have happened. 1- It plummeted to its death on Wicked..the tallest roller coaster there. 2- Someone found it on the seat and scored a band new phone. At about 4 pm we decided to swing by the lost and found. I explained what my phone looked like and the guy informed me they get about 6 white iphones a day. We left, and started walking to get a funnel cake and wala! My friend Heather jumped out with my phone! She had already swung in to Lost and found for me and picked it up. I cant believe how happy I was and so so grateful someone was honest and turned it in. Funnel cake, my phone was found, and Russ hadn’t thrown up yet…that was a good high to leave on.


  1. That's so funny that Russ gets motion does Porter!! I'm always the go go go at amusement parks and he can't handle it. We've left many amusement parks way too early because he's been so sick. Glad you found your cell phone though!

  2. I want to work for our company!

  3. I LOVE Lagoon! How fun. Jason would totally have to take the motion sickness pills too. He gets so sick on everything! I'm glad you ended up finding your phone and that there were practically no lines for you. That's the best!

  4. oh man, I LOVE lagoon! I wish we would have been on there with you. Maybe we could have gone for a record and gotten four of us in that seat. Jet Star is one of my favorites as well, or it used to be, when I was twelve and loved sitting in my middle school boyfriend's lap for a full 30 seconds. So hilarious. I miss you!

  5. Ha! Yay for finding your phone and having such a good time at Lagoon. Your dad's face in the picture when y'all are cramped together is so precious, what a darling man. And, you're crazy - you mentioned in a previous post that you've gained weight, but if you have, I can't tell. You look incredible!