Saturday, July 7, 2012

Real Salt Lake

Russ and I both love soccer. We play on the same team on Wednesday's! Its a ton of fun. Have you ever seen the Honey Badger video? You should watch it if you havent..and if you dont mind a little swear word here and there. Team Honey Badgers!
I cant say we had the best season ever, but we are going to kill it this summer season! We have also really enjoyed going to Real games or watching them on TV. There have been a few times when it hasnt been on TV and its been away game, in which we travel to Iggys sports bar. Thats never a good thing- too many calories. We always feel bad staying so long which means we get appetizers, dinner and sometimes even a dessert. Yikes. We will be so full, and the waitress will come by and we will hurry and take another bite so she doesnt clear our places and make us feel like we need to leave. We love going to the games though! Lots of energy and fun.
Ive never been a fan of booing. Its rude, and its weird. Russ on the other hand can boo like no other.
You can tell by the scowl on his face that this may have been a booing moment. Russ- "Am I booing loud?" ME- "No. REALLY loud". Russ has also loved watching other teams play soccer. Sometimes I will go to bed while he stays up really late watching. At least I try and go to bed...he talks to the TV, claps and cheers.. Its so funny. He also becomes oblivious to the world. We were going to go to the store together last weekend and he started watching soccer. I decided to just go and he doesnt even look over to me and in a slow drawn out sentence he asked if I was going. Yes. 3 hours later I walk in through the door "Youre back already?" Oh dear...that guy.

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  1. One of the things we miss the most about living in the SLC is going to Real games. Also, I agree with you... I am not a fan of booing. I always feels so bad for whoever is getting booed.