Friday, July 13, 2012

Strawberry Days!

Russ and I have gone to the Strawberry Days rodeo the last 3 years together. Its become a new fun tradition. Rodeos are fun, friends and family are fun, and strawberries and cream are delicious so I cant complain. This year, the weather was so nice! It was really warm and smokey! Good grief..Utah has had their fair share of fires. Be smart people. Russ takes this occasion to a whole new level every year. He broke out the cowboy box out of the basement for some appropriate attire.
We met our friends Kirk and Heather there. If you remember, Heather is the cute girl that mooned me at Ragnar. I met Heather 10 years too late. She loves to travel to new countries and be adventurous. We would have torn up the world had we met before the ol ball and chain ;)
We also met Russ's sister Sara and her cute family. I love easy to talk to and the most creative gal you will ever meet.
This is their daughter who decided to cut off all of her own hair. Twice. I think its an adorable little cut still.
I saved some seats while Russ went to get us Strawberries and cream. Only he came back with 2 cheeseburgers, a hot dog, 2 sodas, 2 stawberries and cream and a thing of nachos...just for the 2 of us. Its seriously no wonder Ive gained so much weight in this 8 months of bliss.


  1. Chels....seriously, could you not be so damn cute?!! Just kidding! I just want to grow up to be like you. You are beautiful and just look like you love life. You look so happy and so full of life and I just love you!

  2. So much fun! I love rodeos and I really love Russ' wrangler butt. For real I think I need cowboy boots for my kids, just for the once or twice a year we hit up rodeos. It's a must. I have a feeling that you and Russ will do the same for your kids. Also, I miss you.