Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Being a stay at home Mom is a hard adjustment. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, but that doesn't mean its not hard.
I have worked a long time, and continued working 2 days a week after I had lila, all the way up until the twins were born.
I am on a website for "Moms of Multiples" and someone just asked how to enjoy the day to day of being a stay at home Mom. I of course read through all of the comments, and one of the comments that stuck out to me was a mom who said she enjoys taking time to write on her blog and at the same time using it as a journal. I felt instant guilt and motivation to get to the computer. I loved blogging before and turned all of my blogs into books, which really is my only journal. I feel bad that my babies are already SIX months old tomorrow and I haven't written anything down :( I hope I can remember as I embark on this journey of getting my blog back up to date. I am almost a whole year behind now. Turns out having twins and a toddler is BUSY.
Lila Is upstairs talking in her bed (she supposed to be napping) and I just put the twins in their swings so here it goes.

I wasn't kidding When I said I wanted to get as much traveling in as possible before these babies came!

I flew home from Hilton Head Island on a Monday and had a few days with my cute Lila girl, while  Russ stayed the whole week working and I flew out to see a friend in Seattle just an hour after Russ landed in SLC. I looks swollen and tired, but it is what it is.
I drove the car and was lucky enough to meet him in the airport as he flew in so I could give him a kiss and the keys!

When I was planning all of this, it seemed like a great idea, but when it came time to it I was so sad to leave Lila for another weekend and I had really missed Russ!
As soon as I was on the plane, I was excited again and wanted to make the best of my time.
One of my great friends lives in Seattle and had a fun weekend planned for us! We had to cram it all in as I only had a short weekend!
She met me at the airport to pick me up and took me back to her apartment. She lives right off of a beautiful lake, with an amazing view from her balcony.
We met up with her nice boyfriend and went to a beautiful dinner overlooking the bay and downtown Seattle.

The next day we decided to drive to a cute little town called Leavenworth. We thought it might be snowy through the pass,  and Em wasn't confident in her car so we rented a really nice SUV and rode in style! Of course, the weather was perfect and not a drop of snow or rain, but we were comfortable anyway :)
We got in to town and stopped to eat our hearts out a cute little pub.

It was cold and packed, but so fun to walk the streets, visit a few shops and be with one of my BFF's.
Em is one of those kinds of people that it is nearly impossible not to have a great time, laugh and be silly and just feel super young to be around without a care in the world. Its so refreshing.

We had heard about black licorice (yuck!) ice cream that dyes your tongue and teeth black, why not?

Ok, ok, I couldn't jump very high, but I tried. Im carrying 2 extra peeps in there!

That night, we got home in just time to head to our art class!
A few years ago, Em and I decided to get artsy and sign up for an oil painting class. Every week we would have a girls night, eat candy, laugh and attend an oil painting class.
As a gift for my birthday, she signed us up for a painting class in Seattle. It was so much fun!

The next day I had to fly back home. I was sad to leave my friend but excited to see my little family waiting for me back home.
We headed downtown for lunch and took a ride on the Ferris wheel overlooking Seattle.

Em works right down town. Her office overlooks Pikes Place and the whole market. We went and looked at her big time office and a few other tourist spots!

I am so grateful for amazing friends.
She made me feel so special and spoiled me on this trip for my 30th birthday.
Love you Em!

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