Thursday, November 12, 2015

30th Birthday!

I cant believe I am a whole year behind on blogging. It is almost my 31st birthday!
My 30th...its a funny thing. I remember being in my teens and thinking 30 seems so old. I don't know how it got here so fast, but it did.
My amazing high school friends had a dinner for me a week before my birthday (sadly I have no pictures) and it was fun as always being with them.
My adorable husband knows how dearly I love these caramel apples.
The eve of my 30th birthday he told me not to look in the kitchen.
I knew he was making something for my birthday but I had no idea what. I ended up going to bed and when I came down he had HANDMADE these delicious caramel apples and cupcakes, and placed them in the shape of a #30.

Do they not look professional!? For his first time, I think he nailed it.
He may have made a mistake though, because I will want these yearly now :)
He also left a gift card to my favorite restaurant from Lila.
We were supposed to meet Russ at his work for a lunch date, but it didn't work out last minute so I thought it was sweet of him to think of this.
We had a super low key day. I cleaned our room (BORING) and had a very quiet and fun date with just Lila and I at Wild Zucchini.

When I got home, my sister in law stopped by with a  gift and hung out until Russ got home.
He took me to dinner and it was a perfect way to end the day.
Im grateful for everyone to did so much to make my day so special. It was great, and if I have to turn a decade older, I wouldn't have had it any other way.
The picture I posted a few post back (below) was actually taken on my birthday I just discovered.
So these 2 little babes were this big by then!

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