Wednesday, November 11, 2015

St George- Girls Trip

Novemeber- 2014
To wrap up my 30th birthday traveling, a few days after I returned home from Seattle, my friend Annie and I had planned a trip to St George.
We planned this for a couple of reasons:
1- We both were turning 30 in Novemeber
2- I was about to have twins and knew we wouldn't be doing a girls trip for awhile.
3- We both have husbands that had just spent all of Fall hunting, and wanted to reward ourselves :)
We left with our 2 baby girls to drive down for a weekend of relaxing, and shopping.
I bought Lila a movie for her tablet and she and Annies baby were both so good on our 4 hour drive South.
Annie and I have been friends since elementary school. She is the kind of friend that you can 100% be yourself and not ever have to feel like you need to be entertained or do the entertaining. We can talk about anything, share anything and have been there for each other through some hard and amazing times!
Its so fun to have our own little girls now to share in our fun times together.
We stayed at her husbands work condo that they offered us.

We got in late, so we just bathed our girls, put them to bed and stayed up chatting and watching a movie.
The next morning we made breakfast and headed for the shops!

She can take about as much shopping as me.
I am weird... I like to shop, I like to have new things, browse, and be with my girls, but I only have so much time before I am done.
Annie, on the otherhand, is like my sisters and Moms and literally with close down the shops!!
Towards the end, I actually sat in the car with the babies while Annie finished haha!

We have another friend named Natalie that we went to high school with. I love Natalie!
In high school, we shared a love of Taco Time and the tv show Friends.
I remember watching episode after episode of friends and taking turns scratching each others backs and sometimes taking breaks to head to Taco Time for a crisp meat :)
She moved to St George with her husband and has 2 adorable little boys and is now a school teacher. She met up with us for some shopping, played with Lila, and hung out with my while Annie was still going strong!

We went to Swig for a drink and I got Lila a water. She was playing with her straw and suddenly I felt my lap getting wet and noticed she had punctured her straw through her cup!
I tried to unroll the window but it was locked. I was trying to yell to annie as she was driving to unlock the window so my lap didn't have a tiny little waterfall of water coming out! We had a good laugh and pulled over. As I went to stand up, I had forgotten in all the chaos that my cell phone was in my lap- out dropped my wet cell phone on to the pavement and cracking into a million little pieces.

We went to the Pizza factory for dinner that night. Friends, girls weekend, and pizza. Cant get any better :)

The next day we drove home. Lila is such a light sleeper but she had just had too much fun.
I got to hold her through part of lunch and I was ok with that, I love snuggles from her, which are few and far between.

Thanks for the fun girls weekend Annie. I commend you for your shopping endurance. :)


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  1. I'm happy to see you're blogging again! :) What a fun trip for you and Annie. That's so fun that you guys are still such great friends!