Sunday, July 19, 2015

30th Birthday~

I turned 30 in November.
It is the craziest feeling- partly because I've felt 30 for the last 10 years and partly because growing up 30 sounded so old!
I had mixed emotions the whole time- I was happy where I was in life and being 30, but I was sad to leave my 20's.
For TWO years I planned to go to California for my 30th birthday and I wanted to hit Disneyland, Price is Right, and if at all possible, the Ellen show.
Since I was pregnant with twins, Disneyland was out, and my brother and his wife weren't able to come after all, so we went with a whole new plan!
I knew after having these babies and taking care of 3 babies under the age of 2 I wouldn't be getting out much, let alone to travel so November was a travel packed month!
We started off by heading back to one of our favorite places- Hilton Head Island, South Carolina!
We decided not to take Lila. My Mom and sister offered to watch her so we could get away one last time together before the babies came. I was excited to get away until the night before we were to fly out. I panicked thinking of leaving Lila for that long (It was a whopping 4 days). I called my sister the night before and was bawling my eyes out that I couldn't leave her and that I had decided to take her with us. Russ was supportive either way so I decided to take her and let her play at the beach and ease my worried mind.
My sweet sister talked me in to leaving her and said how important it was for us to get away together before our lives were about to change so much. She more than anyone knows that best where she also had a toddler then twins. So I agreed.
The next morning we dropped her off and I of course cried all the way to the airport.
I am so glad my sister talked me in to it, and she was absolutely right- it was just what we needed and so fun to remember what it was like to just go play the two of us.

It was a little colder than we thought it would be so I wasnt entirely prepared clothes-wise. Plus it was that super uncomfortable time in a pregnancy in-between regular clothes and maternity clothes.
We love the beach no matter what!

We wanted to spend some time in the pool but again too cold. The tips of our toes too a quick little swim though ;)

We ended up going to a local store and buying a soccer ball and playing soccer on the beach- SO MUCH fun.

One thing I absolutely love about this little island, is all the dolphins!
Pretty much guaranteed to see a dolphin when you look out. While we were playing soccer Russ went to get the ball that was going toward the water and there was a dolphin, so close. He just kept getting closer and closer- it was incredible. I unfortunately didn't get to my phone and taking a picture in time, but I just love those creatures!

We are both entirely too competitive with ping pong, which makes it fun!
My old work used to have a ping pong table in the break room and the company would have tournaments, so I am used to playing in high heels, so playing bare foot is just a total bonus!

This fun little bar had amazing live music, volley ball court, and corn hole!
I will go ahead and say I won ping pong, but Russ killed me at corn hole!

The next morning we looked up a good breakfast joint- I chose this one because of the citrus crème Brule French toast! Did NOT disappoint. Crème Brule is one of my favorite desserts so to eat it as a breakfast on a bed of carbs, pretty much makes it perfect. 


We rented bikes for the day and pedaled our hearts out. We rode all over the island, window shopped for houses (day dreaming of course) saw live aligators, and I mastered the art of biking and reaching in my basket for sugar babies.

The sand on these beaches are so perfect! Soft to the touch of your foot, but packed enough to ride a bike all along the coast!

We rode to a pretty light house, walked around and had lunch on cute little rocking chairs over looking the water!

It was a perfect way to kick off my 30s and a last hooray for us before the twins came!
Russ had to stay and work and I flew home to see Lila.
Thanks to my amazing Mom and sister for taking Lila for us :)

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  1. What a great getaway!!! You two are so cute together. Looks like such a fun time!