Wednesday, May 6, 2015


You think I would have tried to catch up blogging while being on bed rest with hardly anything to do, but nope, I like to make life hard and play catch up with 2 newborns and a toddler.

I LOVE making costumes. Especially when they cost me under $5.
This year we were the "Trophy Wife" and hunter.
I looked up a picture of some of Russ's "Horn Porn" (The man is obsessed with hunting and antlers)and made a nice little set of my own. I was so proud and excited to show him when he got home...from hunting of course.
If only I hadn't made them so heavy so they would stay on my tiny headband.
He of course critiqued them, we made some changes and we were ready for Halloween!
Lila creating her own little masterpiece while I painted my antlers.
We go all out at our house with TWO colors for her to chose from...haha. Poor girl has a nice set of jumbo crayons now.

Let me take you back to Halloween- 2005. I was up to school at Utah State University and most of my high school friends stayed in the Salt Lake Valley. My friend was invited to a Halloween party from some guys she met at the U of U. So we get all dressed up- They were snowboarder chicks, and I of course, was Mrs Piggy- Im talking pig snout, huge pink tutu, pearls and the nastiest wig you've ever seen.
We walk into this party- of course fashionably late...and its not a dress up party :(
So, my friends slip off their snowboarding pants, and I am left as Ms Piggy. It turns out they had all just come from a football game so no one was dressed up.
Because of this embarrassing moment, I am always scared when I wake up Halloween morning and get ready haha!
So to err on the side of caution and not show up to work looking like a buck, I did my make up in my cube once I saw it was in fact, Halloween just like the Calendar said.

If that is not the hottest hunter you have ever seen I don't know who is.
He was doubling it up this year and doing something else with his department that required a goatee and I quite liked it.

And you cant forget our cute little skunk!!
One of my co workers went up to her and mooed so I guess she looked more like a cow, but CUTE nonetheless.

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  1. I'm having fun catching up on your blog! I think you're amazing to find time to do it though right now. :) You'll be glad you did so you can look back on all these fun times!! Your Halloween costumes are the best. So creative and cute!!