Friday, May 1, 2015

The big Reveal

My aunt had her usual Fall Harvest party in her back yard.
Everyone is assigned a fruit or vegetable and you have to bring a dish with whatever food you were assigned.
Its one of my favorite times of year. I love sitting around the fire pits on hay stacks, awesome music playing, and the lights hung in the trees. I always feel like its out of a magazine with how beautiful her yard is. She makes pottery for a living and has a beautiful studio in her backyard that she opens up for all the food.
Its also the time we made our big reveal...well kind of. There was a lot going on and I wanted my dad to make it since its all his sister and he was so proud. But Lila had had it by the time he made the announcement and we weren't even there :)

Russ had been hunting and was able to come last minute. Such a fun surprise seeing him come around the house.

Cousins and good food!

We had taken picture of Lila earlier to make the announcement elsewhere.
We used twin babies that I had growing up! When I was little, I renamed myself Megan, and named my babies Chelsea and Kelsey :)


Because this is a fall post- I have blog this picture. Lila and I took a date to Maceys to eat yummy fall donuts. Love my donut date!

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