Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Curiosity Museum

Im blogging about 6 months behind, but Im determined to get caught up!
I cant believe how much Lila has changed in just 6 months. Its sad how fast time goes and how much they change!
Just before Halloween we had a girls day out with my Mom and sister and our kiddos.
I remember feeling not that great, and a tich moody, but I still packed Lila up and met up for lunch. We were going to go to the Childrens museum after, but right at the end of lunch, Lila spilled her almost full bowl of Wisconsin Cauliflower soup all down the front of me.
I just wanted to go home and call it a day but they talked me in to going and Im so glad I did.
I thought Lila would be too young to enjoy anything but she had a blast, and I honestly think I had more fun than her haha! I mean helloooo, they have a zip line on the playground!

They really did have fun things for babies to do too!

I put Lila in here to play in the sand and some little boy tattle tailed on me :)

Grandmas are the best!

Making some music...

And the girls and I did a little tap dancing. Took me back to when I was 8 and tap danced at C & C Ballet. Weirdly I was super shy back in the day and was down right terrified to perform my monkey dance from the Jungle Book, but fortunately/ unfortunately for Russ, my shyness is gone and I was rocking that tap floor ;)
Smelling like old Wisconsin Cauliflower soup did not slow me down- Im sure I was sweating the smell of old cheese.

When you feel it, you feel it.

We may have been too confident in her sliding skills- she clung on for dear life before landing safely on wood chips- oops- you live and you learn.

After, we had delicious frozen yogurt.
I have no idea why Lila isn't wearing shoes in any of these pictures haha.
She loves her CC.

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