Thursday, October 10, 2013

I love my...


Russ's brother flew into town from Thailand for Russ's little brothers wedding!
My brother also came in town at the same time for the babes blessing so we had lots of love to share with the uncles.
She also loves her bow. So much, that she cant take her eyes off it :)
I think I opened my phone about 100 times that day to look at this cute cross eyed picture!

One of my goals while on my maternity was gain a better appreciation for Pinterest.
I found a cool craft that I wanted to do and I already the main piece of materials.
I started with this nice piece of wood that I used to hang a bunch of pictures.
I also started in the garage until I saw a HUGE spider, so I moved into the hallway.

Russ is not fond of crafting right now. He thinks there is too much to do around the house still, which he is correct. But one night he was watching soccer so I hurry and busted it out!
I even stole him away after I had painted it white to help with the straight lines.
While he was watching the game and ignoring us, I taped the rest of my lines.

And Wala! I cant wait to hang it on my wall.
I was happy with how it turned out!

Oh Pinterest. You are growing on me. I think Ill love you even more after I make pumpkin donuts this fall.

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